The Riagamba Project is dedicated to true religion: Looking after orphans and widows. Our goal is to build the orphanage, support its operation, and help the people of the community become self-sufficient by facilitating small business start-up efforts.

Pastor James Nyandwaro Nyariki and his wife Beatrice have 3 children of their own, but were caring for 13 orphans. Living in rural Kenya, they eat what they grow (mostly maize) on a small 2 acre plot of land. Pastor James contacted Bruce Pennington in 2006 and asked if they could work together to build a church and orphanage to better care for these children.

In 2014, construction began and the Riagamba Orphanage now has 25 orphans in a dorm that can hold 40! The final touches are going into the church where Pastor James will be able to bring in a state recognized teacher and begin official schooling for all the children!

Much needs to be done. Please pray for us, and help where able. No amount is too small!

Who We Are

Dorms200by200We are Christ followers, children of the One True God, who wish to use the gifts and resources given to us by God for the glory of His Name.

The Riagamba Project is registered in the state of Colorado and recognized by the Federal IRS as a 501(c)3, non-profit organiztion

BrucePennington200by200Bruce Pennington: First member and current president of The Riagamba Project. Retired Air Force pilot, currently flying for a major airline.

Mark & Grace Joines: Members of the Board of Directors of The Riagamba Project. Mark flies for a major airline.

James and Beatrice Nyariki: Pastor James and wife Beatrice have 3 children. He is a recent graduate of Bible College is head of the Riagamba Fellowship Church and Orphanage.