Riagamba is one of several villages located within the Highlands of Southwest Kenya. It is just outside of Ogembo which is approximately 20 miles Southwest of Kissi. Riagamba is part of the Gussi tribe totaling about 30,000 people scattered throughout 20 villages. Riagamba is an Agrarian society. The Riagamba people live on a 2 acre plot of land and grow mostly maize, vegetables, and tea leaves (to sell). As of 4 years ago, they have cows for milk and chickens for protein.

The Riagamba Project  is a non-profit dedicated to taking care of the poor, orphans, and widows in the Sengera Market Region.  We strive to share Christ’s LOVE by using our gifts and abilities to help the people within this rural, impoverished village. Our goal is to complete the construction of the church and dormitory for the children and help sustain them while teaching the people in the village how to LIVE self sufficient lives.

One of the ways we do this is by supporting small business start ups for the adults in the community. For the children, the future of this community, education is the key! Breaking the cycle of poverty and illiteracy will ensure that these children, widows, and families not only survive but THRIVE!