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Merhaba! Hello! A Message of Hope from Antioch

by M2M

Ministry to Ministries shares a ministry update of hope from Faith, Tourism, and Turkey.”Merhaba! Hello! My name is Songul. I was born in Antioch. I live in a suburb above Antioch. My husband is unemployed and I have two daughters, so I work constantly at my beauty salon as a coiffeur. Since I grew up in the city center of Antioch, I […]

Back Streets and Alleys in Tarsus

by M2M

Ministry to Ministries shares a ministry update of history, darkness and light, hopelessness and redemption from Faith, Tourism, and Turkey. Here we are in the very heart of Tarsus walking over ruins around 7000 years old now covered with buildings. The “new” buildings also scream history as they reveal previous inhabitants such as Greeks, Armenians, Ottomans, and Syriacs. It […]

Facts about Turkey

by M2M

Did you know that Turkey… is known as the Cradle of Civilization borders three major seas (Black, Aegean, Mediterranean) was known as Asia Minor (Anatolia) is where the first Human Rights Declaration was stated in1463 is where Alexander the Great cut the Gordian knot is the birthplace of King Midas has 70% of the population […]