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Heartbreaking and Urgent Request for Persecuted Christians in Iraq

by M2M

You no doubt are following the news reports of the persecution against Christians happening in the Middle East. M2M’s ministry and Gospel friend, Dr. Ramesh Richard and RREACH, are committed to joining in the effort to mobilize prayer for this region. Also, Dr. Richard is to be traveling to this region over the next two […]

What Does the Gospel Tell Us to Do When Disaster Strikes?

by M2M

When we read The Holy Gospel and Paul’s letters we get fruitful examples of leadership, Jesus’ countless miracles of compassion and serving basic needs, and James even writes about not waiting for the poor to arrive at your door, but to seek them out. We have many practical examples of how to love our neighbor […]

Persecuted for His Faith, He Chose to Love

by M2M

Thanks to this message from Richard in Colorado, M2m (Ministry to Ministries) has become aware of the situation of a very brave new Christian ex-Muslim from Pakistan named Imran Firasat. Imran was a Muslim for 26 years and suffered horribly under judicial, political and social Islam and wanted to bring other Muslims to Christ. He […]