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How Do You Know God’s Will for Your Life?

by M2M

M2M’s blog features ministry partners’ news and stories covering: The Gospel of Jesus Christ, leadership, revival, and those serving basic needs. M2M shares wisdom from ministry partner, Breakfast with Fred. Fred enjoyed letter writing. His mentor, Maxey Jarman, stressed the value of thought clarification which comes as ideas are put on paper. One of his spiritual heroes was the Apostle Paul […]

Training Up Leaders On Campus

by M2M

M2M (Ministry to Ministries) assists select Christian ministries in accomplishing their goals. M2M helps those who help others with a focus on: The Gospel of Jesus Christ, The Bible, leadership, revival, and serving basic needs. M2M shares an exciting update from our ministry friend, Foundations of Truth’s founder, Matt Spencer. Foundations of Truth is a turn-key, powerful outreach ministry […]

Direction Matters

by M2M

Ministry to Ministries shares a post from our friends at Breakfast with Fred. Fred responded to questions about goal setting with the comment: “Direction is more critical than goals. They are the mileposts, but not the destination.” He often asked people, “Are you satisfied with the direction you are going?” The Breakfast With Fred Leadership […]

Breakfast With Fred – Leadership or Management?

by M2M

Fred’s great friend Harold Myra, retired CEO of Christianity Today, International, espouses Fred’s position on document organization: “It may look messy, but I know where every single thing is!” Fred appreciated those who assisted him with details, particularly Margie Keith. Her nearly twenty years of capturing his thoughts with her speed-of-light typing enable BWF to […]

Breakfast With Fred – Identifying the Mandate

by M2M

Fred clearly identified his uniqueness and operated from a well-defined mission and vision. He made mental files and filtered information into these categories. He read and thought broadly, but always looked for principles which fit into three areas: philosophy, psychology, and theology. Of course, under the umbrella of those topics were most of the arts […]