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Character Matters

by M2M

Ministry to Ministries would like to share a message from Breakfast With Fred Leadership Institute (BWFLI) where they discuss why character matters. Fred Smith Sr.’s library included books on speaking, elocution, and famous orators. He studied style, delivery, and content. As a lifelong learner he focused on clarity in his speaking and writing. He enjoyed […]

The Will to Win

by M2M

Guest post from leadership ministry partner: Breakfast With Fred Leadership Institute Mary Alice and I have six grandchildren. Our three children keep us amply supplied with pictures. Mary Alice is now thoroughly enjoying the second generation and the opportunity to be a grandmother. I am grateful for them and all they represent. They are great […]

Business – Family Style

by M2M

Guest post: Breakfast With Fred Leadership Institute Let’s consider your going into a family business where you are not one of the family. It can be very comfortable, secure, and also very, very frustrating. If you choose to operate as “one of the family,” it can be pleasant. However, remember the advantages always go to […]

Taking Time

by John

At M2M, we enjoy sending updates from some of our ministry partners. Breakfast With Fred Leadership Institute is an organization committed to bringing men and women with leadership expertise, life experience, and messages of hope to Christian campuses for the purpose of immersing themselves in campus and community life for 30 hours. The mission is to “stretch […]


by M2M

M2M is happy to share a leadership ministry message from our friends at BWFLI (Breakfast with Fred Leadership Institute). Fred was consulting with a manufacturing firm in northern Ohio on November 22, 1963. He drove to Granbury, Ohio where their elder daughter was a student at Denison University. He visited and talked about the implications […]

Heroes Help

by M2M

Fred’s book You and Your Network outlined 8 categories which belong in your web of associations which form a healthy life. One of them is “heroes.” He frequently asked people about their heroes for he believed the answer gave him great insight. Fred once read that our heroes at age 10 strongly influence our adulthood. […]

Measuring Training

by M2M

  Fred began his corporate career in personnel with General Shoe Corporation. Personnel became human resources and General Shoe became GENESCO. He participated with the training people for all levels of the large, international corporation. He understood training required respect, expectations, and belief. Fred’s commitment to mentoring grew out of his determination to actively stretch […]

People Patterns

by M2M

Fred spoke and wrote much about matching organizations and people. The concept of “fit” is important to the effective organization. He believed leaders needed to use the art and science of discernment when making good personnel decisions. The BWFLI season is well underway. The steering committees at Lindsey Wilson College, Alice Lloyd College, Asbury University, […]

Humility: The Ultimate Executive Tool

by M2M

Fred strongly believed in the power of humility. But he disliked the “hang dog” way of expressing it. His well-known definition served him and others well. “Humility is not denying the power, but admitting it comes through you and not from you.” He wrote often about the properly disciplined ego. These words to executives can […]

Imperatives for Effective Speaking

by M2M

Fred outlined his Imperatives for Effective Speaking. This week we summarize the series. This Weekly Thought is longer than normal, but definitely a “keeper.” This was previously released, but it remains helpful to keep handy. Thank you for your feedback and the practical applications of his work. And as always, thank you for your faithful […]