Ministries We Support

Thank you for your prayers and support for us to fulfill our outreach ministry mission to provide experience and support that enhances Christian ministries worldwide.

“Let us not grow weary while doing good,

for in due season we shall reap

if we do not lose heart” Gal. 6:9

By contributing, you will be helping ministries that provide leadership, Gospel based teaching, and serve basic needs worldwide. You will be helping:

train men to be better fathers, people in crisis, unwed mothers, orphans, women trapped in sexually oriented businesses, inmates and their families, students, rehab for addicts, radio and television broadcasts in remote areas, helpless and hurting victims of disasters, police and first-responders, servicemen and women, celebrities, low income children, the homeless and hungry, revival ministries, and much more.

Please make a tax-deductible donation by sending your check or money order to: Ministry to Ministries, P.O. BOX 800413
Dallas, TX 75240 or clicking on the donate button below. Thank you.

In fulfilling our mission to provide experience and support to enhance Christian ministries worldwide it is M2M’s privilege to actively participate in helping the following ministries:

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You can make a difference TODAY. Please consider helping Ministry to Ministries (M2M) provide help to those who provide: leadership, Gospel based teaching, and outreach worldwide. Please consider giving your time, talent, and or treasure.