MEDIAlliance International

About Us

The vision of MEDIAlliance International is to help Christian communicators around the world as they use today’s tools to bring the Gospel to their culture, that lives would be transformed for Christ Jesus.

Our mission is to train, assist, connect, consult, mentor, and encourage Christian broadcasters and communicators, many serving in places of challenge and difficulty for the cause of Christ and for the Gospel.

Haiti is spiritually one of the darkest places in this hemisphere. Yet God’s light is streaming from Christian radio stations in this island nation. Ron Harris was part of a team taking solar powered radios, tuned to the local Christian station, Radio 4VEH, to the Haitian people who need to know Jesus. This man, living in the darkness of the Haitian jungles amin voodoo worship and witch doctors, gets his spiritual light daily from Christian radio.

Experienced Leadership
Ron Harris’ broadcast experience spans over five decades. And he has worked in partnership projects with Christian broadcasters around the world for ten years. His heart is to see God’s message of hope and joy reach into all corners of the world. Christian media is a great tool to work alongside the local churches to reach the lost and disciple believers.


A Roma (gypsy) girl is excited to get her own radio tuned to Radio 7 in Tirana, Albania. Through music and teaching, this young soul will learn about what it means to be loved by God, to be saved by His Son, Jesus, and to be led by His Holy Spirit.

Radio 7 partners with ministries and local churches to distribute these radios to the Roma people, that they might have the hope found only in the Lord Jesus, in spite of the circumstances of their lives.

Many of the 1.2 billion people in India feel trapped and imprisoned…by poverty,the cultural caste system, and spiritual darkness. But evangelical Christian broadcasters are joining forces to be better equiped to proclaim the Good News via television, the Internet, and whatever ways God opens to them.MEDIAlliance is active in providing training seminars for these media professionals to expand their skills, and in helping these broadcasters come together as an association to have a stronger voice as Christian broadcasters when speaking to legislators, regulators, and the public sector.

Ministry to Ministries is proud to support MEDIAlliance International by connecting our ministry to their good work and news of how The Lord continues to provide tools of communication to reach and serve the world.