round reading glasses on BibleM2M (Ministry to Ministries) assists select Christian outreach ministries in accomplishing their goals. This is done by networking, fund raising, promoting and or advising. The ministries M2M serve vary from sharing the message of the Gospel in unreached countries, to serving orphans in Sudan, to helping people in crisis in the local community.

How can you help Ministry to Ministries?

You can go directly to the ministries we support, or provide a donation for us to use for the most urgent needs, and / or sign up for our monthly newsletter.

The M2M blog is a collection of works from Christian outreach and leadership ministries we support and or board members of Ministry to Ministries. If you would like to receive the blog posts by email, click on one of the blog posts and then click the box ‘notify me of new post by email’ at the bottom of the post or just ‘subscribe’ with your email at the top right hand of the page. Join Us. Thank you.