Teaching Biblical Principles

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M2M helps support ministries that teach Biblical principles to executives, coaches, and future leaders such as C-12, Breakfast with Fred, Roaring Lambs, Coaches Outreach, and Young Life.

3xM | Good News During Coronavirus

by M2M

Ministry to Ministries shares a heartfelt message from our friends at 3xM. Dear friends, Since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, we have seen a steep increase in the impact of our social media channels in Africa and Asia. Many more people are reaching out to our aftercare teams. People are hungry for personal contact […]


by M2M

By Fred Smith, Sr. Character is tested in commitment. We worship a God who commits, who covenants. The strength to commit is part of character’s definition. We see Biblical examples such as the one in 2 Samuel as Ittai committed to David. When David gave him an out to join the opposition with Absalom, he […]

Appreciating Tension

by M2M

M2M (Ministry to Ministries) shares a word from Breakfast With Fred Leadership Institute about the benefit of healthy pressure. Breakfast With Fred Leadership Institute is a partner ministry that is all about stretching and blessing the next generation of leaders, for the glory of God. Fred refused to accept ideas at face value, processing everything. […]

Are You Ready?

by M2M

…  for the adventurous stories we have? M2M would like to share 3xM‘s message, a testimony from a new Afghan believer to our partners: “When I talked with you a few months ago, I thought I could find a way out of the country. But after listening to your programs and talking with you, I learned about the […]

Is God Opening Doors In Afghanistan?

by M2M

Ministry to Ministries would like to share a message from ministry partner, 3XM. Today we see hundreds, if not thousands, of Afghans who have come to faith in Christ in the last few years over the whole world. That is unique. Afghanistan is one of the hardest countries to reach. With a population of 32 million people […]

Thoughts On Sonship

by M2M

Ministry to Ministries would like to share a message from Abiding Fathers where they discuss their thoughts on Sonship. Not long ago, I was called upon to teach on the topic of fatherhood to a group of men inside a Texas state prison. My focus would be on a chapter early into the book From Faith […]

Calling Believers to Authentic Christianity

by M2M

Life Action was founded over 40 years ago to spark spiritual change in families, churches, and nations. This is why they call people to authentic Christianity—so the gospel light can shine brightly out of lives transformed by the presence and power of God! Ministry to Ministries would like to share a message from Executive Director/CEO, […]

What Happened When Billy Graham Came To Town

by M2M

Ministry to Ministries would like to share a message from One For Israel where they discuss what happened when Billy Graham visited Israel. Even in his death (perhaps promotion would better describe the event), Reverend Billy Graham has once again spread the Gospel far and wide, as tributes flood the mainstream media. People all over the […]

Overcoming the World

by M2M

M2M is proud to support Bridge2913. They equip believers to engage their circle of influence and provide peers with the opportunity to seek and find Christ. Here’s an inspiring post from their site. Scottish pastor Thomas Chalmers wrote, “The best way to overcome the world is not with morality or self-discipline. Christians overcome the world […]