Serving Basic Needs

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These are the M2M ministries that focus on serving the basic needs of our local and international communities including but not limited to: Dallas Life, Harvesters Reaching the Nations, The Lifesavers Foundation, New Friends New Life, and The Riagamba Project.

You can find links to these ministries on their dedicated pages.

A Rose Among Thorns

by M2M

M2M shares a post from Dr. Graham Poole. How do you celebrate Mother’s Day in the country with the worst maternal mortality in the world? One way is by celebrating the miraculous work of God as He brings hope and healing to the women and children of South Sudan. One Saturday morning in April at […]

A Day to Reflect and Celebrate

by M2M

Greetings from Ministry to Ministries (M2M) partner, Harvesters. What a day of celebration we had for the His House of Hope Hospital Grand Opening! The special event took place on Saturday, April 27th. At the opening we were blessed to be able to feed about 1,000 people! Our team of staff did a great job […]

God’s Blessings are New Each Morning

by M2M

Greetings from Ministry to Ministries partner, Harvesters, Being thankful is a key approach to living our lives. It is hard to worry when we are praising God, it is hard to complain when we are giving thanks, and it is hard to speak negatively when we are speaking about the positive. This is something the Lord […]

Training Up the Next Generation

by M2M

Greetings from Ministry to Ministries partner, Harvesters, It is always so good to be back in South Sudan. Whenever I arrive on the campus, I feel like I am at home! Just one day after I returned, we celebrated Easter, one of my favorite times of the year. Without Christ’s death and resurrection, I would not […]

40 Foot Ocean Container Loaded In Weatherford, TX Arrived in S. Sudan

by M2M

After 105 days and a 13,567 mile journey over land and sea, the 40’ ocean container from Weatherford, Texas has arrived at the Terekeka Orphanage in S. Sudan: Praise the Lord!!   And this could NOT have happened without your prayers and donations—everyone has been such a blessing and a BIG part in this endeavor. […]

Greetings From Harvesters

by M2M

Greetings from Ministry to Ministries partner, Harvesters, This month has been a very trying month, or I should say a trying year! Most of you have heard about the tragedy that happened on our Yei campus. Being in the states, I heard just bits and pieces, so I will try and share what I heard as […]