Leadership Ministries

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Leadership Ministries are one of the areas of focus for M2M. These ministries focus on providing Christian leadership including but not limited to:
3XM, Breakfast with Fred, C-12, Coaches Outreach, Council for Life, Cru (Campus Crusade for Christ), e3 Partners, Faith, Tourism, Turkey, Foundations of Truth, MEDIAlliance International, Roaring Lambs, and Tactical Chaplain Services.

You can find links to these ministries on their dedicated pages.

From Prison to Palace

by M2M

Ministry to Ministries would like to share a message from one of our ministry partners, Abiding Fathers. PRISON to PALACE…is a giant leap, especially when it happens overnight. I have taught in prisons for more than 48 years and I cannot remember one case where that transition occurred. Many have served their time and were […]

Internal Musings

by M2M

Fred believed in self-knowledge without diving into self-obsession. He wanted to identify his constructive strengths and his destructive weaknesses in order to optimize his giftedness. At the beginning of each year he devoted time to the review of the year past and looked forward to the year to come. His mentoring questions were one way […]

Special Message from M2M Directors

by M2M

Dear Friends, As we approach the end of the ministry year we want to thank you for your generous prayers and contributions to M2M over the past 12 months. Your gifts have enabled us to: Help house and educate orphans and refugees in Kenya, South Sudan, and Uganda Train Pastors in remote countries of the […]

The Will to Win

by M2M

Guest post from leadership ministry partner: Breakfast With Fred Leadership Institute Mary Alice and I have six grandchildren. Our three children keep us amply supplied with pictures. Mary Alice is now thoroughly enjoying the second generation and the opportunity to be a grandmother. I am grateful for them and all they represent. They are great […]

Claire’s Story

by M2M

M2M’s (Ministry to Ministries) blog is focused on: Christian outreach ministries, leadership ministries, sharing updates from ministries we assist and providing overall guidance and wisdom. We’d like to share a recent story from CRM Empowering Leaders. Claire figured out she wanted to love hippies and tell them about Jesus when she was a teenager. When […]

Business – Family Style

by M2M

Guest post: Breakfast With Fred Leadership Institute Let’s consider your going into a family business where you are not one of the family. It can be very comfortable, secure, and also very, very frustrating. If you choose to operate as “one of the family,” it can be pleasant. However, remember the advantages always go to […]

Avoiding the Up and Down

by M2M

Guest post: Fred Smith, Sr. So many people live their emotional life like a yo-yo, going from high to low and back again. A Sufi parable alleges that a powerful king challenged his wise men to create a ring for him that would bring stability to his reign. The sages put their heads together and […]

Taking Time

by John

At M2M, we enjoy sending updates from some of our ministry partners. Breakfast With Fred Leadership Institute is an organization committed to bringing men and women with leadership expertise, life experience, and messages of hope to Christian campuses for the purpose of immersing themselves in campus and community life for 30 hours. The mission is to “stretch […]

Overcoming the World

by M2M

M2M is proud to support Bridge2913. They equip believers to engage their circle of influence and provide peers with the opportunity to seek and find Christ. Here’s an inspiring post from their site. Scottish pastor Thomas Chalmers wrote, “The best way to overcome the world is not with morality or self-discipline. Christians overcome the world […]

Values Focus for 2017

by M2M

The M2M blog is a collection of works from Christian outreach and leadership ministries we support and updates on Ministry to Ministries’ work. Here, we share a message of life balance and values from Breakfast with Fred Leadership Institute. Fred and Mary Alice grew up in the depression. Their Christmases were very lean, particularly Mary […]