Leadership Ministries

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Leadership Ministries are one of the areas of focus for M2M. These ministries focus on providing Christian leadership including but not limited to:
Abiding Fathers, Breakfast with Fred, Bridge 2913, Council for Life, MEDIAlliance International, NOVO, Tactical Chaplain Services and Young Life.

You can find links to these ministries on their dedicated pages.

Handling Problems Correctly

by M2M

M2M would like to share a word from ministry partner, BWFLI. Fred helped many clarify their thinking with his distinction between a problem and a fact of life. “A problem is something you can do something about; a fact of life is a given. It is foolish to spend any time attempting to change a […]

Climbing Out of the Dumps

by M2M

Breakfast with Fred’s, Fred Smith, Sr. on his thoughts on managing the ups and downs. Fred managed his emotions objectively. However, he acknowledged the dark times. He created operating principles for depression. In his later years he was on dialysis three times a week, confined to a bed, and greatly restricted. He experienced the benefit […]

All Men Are Created Great Leaders

by M2M

M2M would like to share a message from Bridge2913 about great leaders. When I walked into Garland High School Assistant Principal John Poynter’s office three years ago, I had no idea what God had in store. John shared with me a vision he had for mentoring the at-risk young men in the school. Because we […]

From the Editor of NOVO

by M2M

M2M would like to share a message from the editor of Novo. Novo is a band of creative missionaries sent to multiply movements of the gospel and mobilize the church for mission around the world. Novo has more than 500 staff doing all kinds of different ministries around the world. But no matter what context […]

Ultimate Goals

by M2M

M2M would like to share the wisdom of BWFLI’s Weekly Thought. Recently I met an old and prosperous friend who wanted to relive earlier times. Once an active layman, he is now inactive. I asked him if he remembered the verse, “When it is day I long for the night and when it is night […]

Scattershooting with the Sage

by M2M

M2M would like to share wisdom from BWLFI’s Weekly Thought. Fred often remarked about his one liner style as an outgrowth of sending telegrams. He learned to say the most in the least number of words. He tweeted long before the technology ever developed! He was well-known for his punchy wisdom bites. Scattershooting with the […]

Confrontation is a Responsibility

by M2M

M2M shares wisdom from Breakfast With Fred Leadership Institute for the purpose of stretching and blessing the next generation of leaders. Control of confrontation is important. Too often it is seen as a loaded gun open on the desk. That is a faulty way of thinking – and using – it. It is a very […]


by M2M

By Fred Smith, Sr. Character is tested in commitment. We worship a God who commits, who covenants. The strength to commit is part of character’s definition. We see Biblical examples such as the one in 2 Samuel as Ittai committed to David. When David gave him an out to join the opposition with Absalom, he […]

Appreciating Tension

by M2M

M2M (Ministry to Ministries) shares a word from Breakfast With Fred Leadership Institute about the benefit of healthy pressure. Breakfast With Fred Leadership Institute is a partner ministry that is all about stretching and blessing the next generation of leaders, for the glory of God. Fred refused to accept ideas at face value, processing everything. […]

Define The Base

by M2M

M2M would like to share a word from Fred Smith Sr. and the Breakfast With Fred Leadership Institute. Fred consistently studied human nature. He was invited to join high powered negotiation teams for his skills in discernment and communication. His grasp of human nature, as well as the nature of God, gave him an effective platform. […]