Gospel Focused Ministries

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These are the M2M ministries that focus on sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ including but not limited to:
Bill Glass Champions for Life, Hope for the Heart, Mercy Heart, One Cry, Revive Our Hearts, RREACH, TFS Worldwide, Time to Revive, and Sonshine Adventures.

You can find links to these ministries on their dedicated pages.

Claire’s Story

by M2M

M2M’s (Ministry to Ministries) blog is focused on: Christian outreach ministries, leadership ministries, sharing updates from ministries we assist and providing overall guidance and wisdom. We’d like to share a recent story from CRM Empowering Leaders. Claire figured out she wanted to love hippies and tell them about Jesus when she was a teenager. When […]

Against All Odds

by M2M

Against all odds… What are the chances that in a country where only one percent of the population Christian is, where freedom of religion is not a given, where individuals are brutally murdered for going against the norm, where fear paralyses and poverty rages… that light would begin to appear. What are the chances that […]

Potential to Reach 1 Billion People

by M2M

We have an update with eternal ramifications concerning one of our ministries. We need your: help, prayers, and financial support. RREACH is thankful for God’s amazing work. God has called, gifted, and placed over 2 million pastors. However, did you know that only 5% of pastors are trained for pastoral ministry? Pastoral health affects church […]


by M2M

The goal of RReach is to proclaim the Gospel to 100 million people by 2030. This appeared to me to be a daunting undertaking, yet the model Dr. Richard Ramesh employs demonstrates this goal is achievable. The model educates pastors from around the Globe in biblical fundamentals, outreach and church planting. These newly trained pastors […]

Explore Museum of the Bible

by M2M

Join us as M2M has committed to becoming a founding member of Museum of the Bible. This could be the single most effective expression of The Bible worldwide. Please join us, as 100% of these proceeds will go directly to Museum of the Bible. Donate below and let us know you support us in the […]

Spreading the Word to Asia

by M2M

M2M’s (Ministry to Ministries) blog is focused on: Christian outreach ministries, leadership ministries, and sharing updates from ministries we assist, such as 3XM.  3XM is reaching people with television programs in which God’s message of love resonates in the culture and language of the inhabitants of that country. This is 3xM (say ‘three times M’): Stands […]

Go East. Go West. Multiply.

by M2M

M2M (Ministry to Ministries) blog is focused on: Christian outreach ministries, leadership ministries, and sharing updates from ministries we assist. One of our partners, East-West, has one consuming passion—to make God known among every nation, every tribe, every tongue, and every people. There’s a world waiting to know Jesus. And East-West Ministries is desperate to reach them […]

What is Foundations of Truth?

by M2M

Mission Statement “Foundations of Truth, an outreach ministry, endeavors to inspire, empower, and equip churches to glorify God by sharing the foundations of the Christian faith with the people in their communities, providing the knowledge and opportunity to enter into a relationship with God, experience His salvation, and build lives of purpose, joy, and fulfillment.” Picture This The […]

Is There a Spark of Revival in the US?

by M2M

M2M (Ministry to Ministries) blog is focused on leadership ministries, revival, and sharing updates from a few of the ministries we assist. We’re happy to share a message from Laura Martin, at Time to Revive. The sun is shining after days of rain here in Dallas.  Praise the LORD!  It is a day to rejoice and give […]

From Hopelessness to Joy

by M2M

Sheila Walsh is a powerful Bible teacher and best-selling author from Scotland with over 4 million books sold. A featured speaker with Women of Faith® conferences, she has reached more than 5 million women by combining honesty, vulnerability, and humor with God’s Word. Her passion to see women’s lives transformed by the power of God’s […]