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Enabling Contemporary Christian Leadership – Imagine having (1) a talented and experienced personal advisory board of like-minded Christian business Owners and CEOs, all committed to your personal, business and eternal success, (2) the monthly resources and discipline to focus on the most important (not just urgent) issues in your work and life, and (3) a trustworthy facilitator/coach committed to ensuring that this process takes place informed by contemporary ‘best practices’ filtered through the eternal wisdom of Scripture (i.e., contemporary Christian leadership in business). C12 provides all this and more while being of uncommon quality, value and Christian acountability when contrasted with secular CEO peer forums!

C12 has been the best business consultant we have ever been associated with.  Biblical teachings incorporated with the collective business knowledge of other members is priceless.”
Bart Azzarelli, Jr., CEO, Dallas 1 Construction & Development, Inc.

“C12 has become a cornerstone of my business and spiritual life.”
Darryl Lanker, CEO/Owner, Bedrock Resources, Inc.

What is the value of:

  • One Good Idea?  Just one idea generated and applied, or one decision made, in each month’s C12 process yields a tremendous return on the time and expense of membership.
  • One Life Saved for Eternity?  C12 member companies are privileged to see stakeholders come to saving faith in Christ and still others blessed by applied Christian leadership that works!