Bridge 2913

bridge-2913_smallOur Story

“Our story begins out of the passion of a life wonderfully transformed by the gospel. Flowing out of that passion is an intense desire to help others experience the truth, love, and power of Christ.”


“The story continues as we suffer broken hearts witnessing how the breakdown of American culture leaves more and more people uncertain and in search of meaning.”

Spiritual Thirst

“The combination of the breakdown of family, moral relativism, evolutionary creation teaching, and other aspects of culture has created an identity and meaning crisis. As in a desert, people thirst for truth, purpose, and affirming relationships.”

The Imperative

“People will search for meaning somewhere. They will look to friends, pull from idols in the media, or delve into social media. They will find something to cling to. We are called, however, to be a light in a dark place. Will they have someone in their life who reaches out to them in love to offer the opportunity to find light?”

The Result

“We know these people. They sit next to us in class. They live in our neighborhoods. They work along side of us. They are in our families. Bridge 2913 helps believers connect with the people they do life with to offer the opportunity to seek and find spiritual answers they long for in a loving respectful, relational context.”

“I used to deal with depression. I cut my arms and wrote full pages about how life was meaningless. I had lost faith in Jesus. When i was brought to a group, I knew I was there for a reason, and now I’m happy with my life and who I am.”
-Clayton P. Freshman, Wylie East HS