What is Ministry to Ministries?

Poor African Village

M2M (Ministry to Ministries) assists select Christian ministries in accomplishing their outreach ministry goals. M2M helps those who help others with a focus on: The Gospel of Jesus Christ, The Bible, leadership, revival, and serving basic needs. This is done by networking, fundraising, promoting, and or advising. The ministries we serve vary from sharing the message of the Gospel in unreached countries, to serving orphans in the 1040 window, to helping people in crisis in the local community.

How can you help Ministry to Ministries?

You can go directly to the ministries we support, provide a donation for us to use for the most urgent needs, and / or sign up for our monthly newsletter.

Thank you for helping M2M by participating in so many varied and exciting outreach Christian ministries over this past year:

Christian Broadcasting – Mt. 28:19

3XM, Hope for the HeartMEDIAlliance, Revive Our Hearts, Pathway to Victory


Preserving and restoring life – James 2:15

Council for Life LifeSavers Foundation, New Friends New Life, Prestonwood Pregnancy Center, The Doctor Spot


Sheltering and sharing the Gospel with the needy – Mt. 25:35

Dallas Life, Salvation Army


Prison Ministries – Mt. 25:36

Abiding Fathers, Bill Glass Behind The Walls


Teaching Biblical principles to executives, coaches and future leaders – Prov. 4:5

Breakfast with Fred, Coaches Outreach, Bridge2913, Young Life


Revitalizing the church through Revival – Ps. 37:1-2

Life Action Ministries, One CryTime to Revive, True Woman


Christian love for orphans – James 1:27

Harvesters Reaching the Nations


1040 window and beyond – Acts 1:8

Cru, Gadkenya, The Riagamba Project, RReach


Phil 2:4 Let each of you look out not only for his own interest, but also for the interests of others.

M2M (Ministry to Ministries) assists select outreach Christian ministries in accomplishing their goals by networking, fund raising, promoting and or advising.

We’re proud to announce the new album of Terry Lang Jones, the daughter of the M2M directors, Jim and Bonnie Lang.

Mission Statement:

We exist to provide expertise and assistance to enhance Christian ministries worldwide as they work toward their spiritual and strategic goals.

Vision Statement:

Worldwide, Christian ministries which use the expertise and resources of M2M are achieving their spiritual and strategic goals.


To provide expertise for Christian ministries in achieving their spiritual and strategic goals using M2M’s extensive contact network and helpful resources.