In countries where there is poverty and violence, 3XM is reaching people with television programs in which God’s message of love resonates in the culture and language of the inhabitants of that country.

A mutual friend introduced me to Martien Timmer several years ago. I have spent many years in television broadcasting. So the concept that Martien described to me – putting Christian TV shows on the air in Non-Christian countries – was instantly fascinating to me. I became a financial supporter of 3xM. And I try to meet with Martien each time he is in Dallas. I have now seen number of the 3xM television programs. They are quality productions. AND they are a very effective witness for Jesus. Blessings on Martien and his team!

Troy Dungan
Independent Broadcast Media Professional
Dallas, Texas

This is 3xM (say ‘three times M’):

  • Stands for More Message in the Media
  • Works in the 10-40 Window where two-thirds of the global population lives and therefore has a huge potential audience
  • Works together with partner organizations in West Africa and Asia
  • In 2014 we started researching the potential use of Social Media
  • We had more than 138,000 responses from viewers In Francophone West Africa in 2014
  • In 2015, we applied an impact study so we can understand effect of our programs
  • This year we will research the possibilities of TV / broadcasting in China

M2M is blessed to share updates from 3xM through the M2M (Ministry to Ministries) blog.