woman with daughters in Somalia

Here’s an update from one of our ministry partners, 3XM.

At the beginning of 2020, we launched a pilot project to reach the Somali people. We started coaching and training a local social media team to apply our proven social media strategies. The first program gathered 12,000 views in just 4 hours!

“When we researched the possibilities, we came across a former partner, which allowed us to jump-start the work to Somalia. We know one another well and trust each other”, says Martien Timmer, 3xM CEO. “A lot needs to be done, but the reward is great. To share God’s love in a secluded country like Somalia is a pioneering mission in new ways and territories”.

To become a Christian in Somalia can have severe consequences. However, this does not stop people from watching our video content in private and reaching out to our follow-up team anonymously. The number of Somalis using mobile phone internet continually increases. It is a unique opportunity for the Gospel!


Population: 15.8 million
Christians: a few hundred / unspecified
Christian Prosecution: third place in the world
Origin of Refugees: among top 5 countries the world
Active Internet Users in Somalia: 1.63 million (yearly growth ~10% since 2017)

Please pray for our courageous partner. Pray to find faithful local Christian Somali workers and funding to expand the counselling team.

Exerts from conversations with the follow-up team for Somalia

“There are many things that draw me to Christianity like peace, love, and the ability to worship God in one’s own language,” writes Bayana, a young Somali man on our social media page. “God cannot prefer just one as He understands all languages… I have not converted to Christianity. I fear what my family would do.”
[Later] “I have downloaded the Bible in French on my phone to study it.” 
[Later] “When can I say to myself: ‘You are a Christian’? I mean I don’t know the proper way to pray. I have never visited a church. But whenever I am alone, I talk to the Messiah. I say, ‘Oh Messiah, oh Jesus’ and I pour my heart out. I hope he will guide me the right way.”

Follow-up Team
We are excited by the tremendous response we got during the first weeks of the pilot program in Somalia. We need to expand our counseling team quickly. It takes $ 50 a day to support the work of one follow-up team member. How many days are you able to provide support?


Have you read our Annual Report 2019?

Read here 3xM Annual Report 2019Here are some of the highlights:

  • An increase of 55% of responses through social media. In numbers, this is 100,000 responses more than last year.
  • Our partner to Afghanistan has seen an increase of 350% from 1000 to 3500 responses. We cherish every response as they often come with a high personal price. When we started with this partner, they had 76 views on a program. In the second quarter of 2020, they had 1,773,000 views!
  • In the past years, we are expanding our ministry focus to include social media and discipleship. We want to offer spiritual support to people from the moment they respond to our media content until they join a Christian community to keep growing in Christ.

We are amazed by God’s work among the unreached in 10/40 Window and grateful for the support of people like you so we could accomplished so much in 2019.