M2M would like to share a message from the editor of Novo. Novo is a band of creative missionaries sent to multiply movements of the gospel and mobilize the church for mission around the world. Novo has more than 500 staff doing all kinds of different ministries around the world. But no matter what context you find them in, they’ll be embodying one of our core values: the Kingdom of God grows through relationships.

At Novo, we prioritize people—and that means prioritizing relationships. As Ethne leader Bobby Booze points out, 86% of new believers identify a close relationship as a key part of their spiritual journey. And it doesn’t end there. From the first step of our journey toward Christ to our final breath, relationships play a central role in our spiritual growth and vitality. Whether it’s a relationship with a mentor, a spiritual community, friends and family who strengthen and challenge us, or deepening intimacy with God, meaningful relationships form us and transform us. They are a doorway to Kingdom life.

So this month, we encourage you to look around at your most significant relationships. Where is God inviting you to go deeper? Who are the people he wants you to love and pursue? Who can help you grow?

I hope this month’s articles give you fresh inspiration to reflect on the possibilities in the people around you.

Megan Reynolds