…  for the adventurous stories we have? M2M would like to share 3xM‘s message, a testimony from a new Afghan believer to our partners: “When I talked with you a few months ago, I thought I could find a way out of the country. But after listening to your programs and talking with you, I learned about the love of God and started to know Jesus. I am ready to give my life to Jesus completely”. We prayed and I welcomed him into the family of God. He had tears in his eyes as he said: “I am quivering with joy”.

“I live in Kabul. Yes, I am a Muslim, but I would like to know more about Jesus Christ. Can you help me?”

The testimonies from new believers is the reason why our work matters. 3xM’s programs impact lives. In 2018 their partner had 1,000 telephone conversations with about 850 Afghans. We want to expand their ministry and reach the many unreached Afghans with the Gospel. Your prayer and support helps.

Are you ready to help and share the impact of the Gospel through using their stories and images via social media?

Jesus is the answer for the world today!

Join us and 3xM as we point to the answer. 3xM produces TV programs in countries known for having few or no alternatives by which individuals can come in contact with the Gospel.