young Afghan men with their father

Ministry to Ministries would like to share a message from ministry partner, 3XM. Today we see hundreds, if not thousands, of Afghans who have come to faith in Christ in the last few years over the whole world. That is unique. Afghanistan is one of the hardest countries to reach. With a population of 32 million people it is estimated that 3,000 are Christian in Afghanistan. They cannot express their faith and gatherings are forbidden. That is why we offer follow-up and discipleship, so they can persevere. Pray for them.

21 million Afghans have access to a TV channel and 7,5 million people watch through satellite. It is our passion to reach many Afghans for Jesus as possible through our programs with relevant social issues. That young believers grow in faith, share with others and birth communities of faith that will multiply. By dramas, gospel talks and videos we get a very special opportunity to bring them the love of Jesus.

God opens doors in Afghanistan and a believer tells us: “I watch your TV shows at work on my computer. A friend watches with me, but he used to argue with me. I got a bible from Tajikistan. My friend doesn’t argue anymore, but keeps watching with me.”

poor Afghan woman

As we see the hopelessness in Afghanistan we want to show them the real hope that is found in Jesus Christ. Jesus is the answer for the world today. We are so joyful we have been able to partner with a TV ministry for Afghanistan.

Due to security we are not able to research the number of viewers yet. Therefore we based our calculations on our experience and knowledge in other countries.

It will cost $20 to reach an Afghan. (your gift is tax deductable)

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