M2M is proud to support 3XM and share their message of hope.

As we look back at 2016, we are so thankful for the blessings we have received. Many programs were broadcasted both via television as well as over the internet. Last year 3XM received over 600,000 responses to their programs!

We thank God for His guidance and pray that we may also be witness to his blessing and wisdom in this coming year.

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How HIV lead Manar to the Lord

Manar, now 26 years old, was married off as a teenager according to Muslim tradition. She gave birth to three children, all three of which did not live longer than six months. When she found out she was infected with the HIV virus her husband left her. After watching the 3xM  TV broadcast about HIV Manar decided to contact the program makers. What they shared with her changed her life.

Read her story here!

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A Matter of Time

CEO Martien Timmer shares his thoughts on the subject of God and time. In times where we strive to meet deadlines, keeping appointments and making the most of each hour, it is good to sometimes step back and get everything back in perspective.

Read Martien’s message here.

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Pray with and for us! 

  • Restrictions concerning religious freedom is strictly enforced in Central Asia. Christians in this region are being persecuted. Will you pray for them?
  • The new series Heart Beat in West Africa is finished. Please join us as we pray that this new series will be received with enthusiasm by the broadcasting channels, that the broadcasters will be willing to grant the desired air time for this new program.
  • Last year’s weekly programs have been made and broadcasted in Bangladesh. Program viewers communicate that these programs are having an enormous impact! Shed light on dark and difficult issues. Please join us in thanking God for this answer to prayer!

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