M2M is happy to share a message from our ministry friends at One for Israel. The invitation to “COME” is made several times over in the Bible. Yeshua beckons us to come to him, the source of living water. Through our media outreach, we are able to extend that invitation far and wide, and many Israelis are responding!

Dr Erez Soref President of  ONE FOR ISRAEL

We recently got this message from Tal, an atheist from central Israel who has been responding to Yeshua’s invitation to ‘come’:

I considered myself to be an atheist for a long while, resisting any kind of explanation of God. Until one day I came across your video about who Jesus is, that you did in Jerusalem. My jaw dropped. 

I decided to keep away from your videos so not to fall for it. But, like a cat who is drawn to the taste of cream, I wanted more. Everyday I would visit your websites to watch more and more of your video teachings. I found truth and endless love that I never came across in Judaism. Thank you so, so much!”
We were able to make contact with Tal, and invite her to come to the congregation that meets here in Netanya. She came and loved it! Let’s pray for her faith to grow strong and deep. Read More