Against all odds…

What are the chances that in a country where only one percent of the population Christian is, where freedom of religion is not a given, where individuals are brutally murdered for going against the norm, where fear paralyses and poverty rages… that light would begin to appear.

What are the chances that the few Christian leaders would unite forces. Laying aside their differences in order to bring change. Making high quality drama programs where the Bibles truths are illustrated in a way their culture can understand.

What are the chances that these programs would be broadcasted on one of the nations top television channels, later to be bumped to a prime-time slot reaching an even bigger audience?


“With God all things are possible” – Matthew 19:26b

Overwhelming impact

Our partner in Bangladesh is overwhelmed when considering the impact. He wrote: “Miracles are taking place in Bangladesh! The interest being shown for our TV-programs is amazing. Thirteen newspapers have already published articles concerning the content of our programs. In this way our programs are becoming even more well known. God is using these programs to touch hearts and lives.”

Drama Programs Touching Lives

Man with dim lightingThe drama programs made in Bangladesh are drawing peoples attention to the Gospel as they address social injustice, taboos including corruption, eve-teasing, acid attacks and other difficult subjects. In a country where poverty and violence rages, 3xM is bringing the Gospel into the homes of millions. Through TV-programs where Gods message of love resonates. His love communicated in the local language and with an understanding of the countries culture. Bangladesh is one of the few countries where such an enormous population has never heard of the Gospel.


AwardOur partner in Bangladesh received and award last month for their work. The award was given by the TV channel broadcasting our programs in appreciation for the programs being made by our partner. These programs were recognized by the NTV channel as a contribution to society. This award is for us an encouraging gesture emphasizing the impact these programs are having!




In Bangladesh, 90% of the population is Muslim.  The consequences for an individual choosing to follow Jesus are serious. Knowing this, caution is used in publishing conversion stories. But making it even more special when we receive testimonies we have permission to share! Like the story of a woman we will call Shona. A woman trapped by tradition being forced to marry against her will and desperately waiting for the chance to end her life by suicide. One day she saw one of the programs and got in contact with our partner. A few months later she decided to follow Christ and was baptized. Her parents eventually consented to her marriage with a Christian man, even though this would mean a life in the lowest social class.


Bangladesh is one of the few countries where such an enormous population has never heard of the Gospel. Making this project an unique and yet delicate adventure.
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