God is doing so much around the world using many of the ministries we assist. We need your: help, prayers, and financial support.

RREACH is thankful for God’s amazing work. The Global Proclamation Academy of RReach hosted over 3,000 pastors from every corner of the world in Bankok, Thailand earlier this month.

God is on the Move

God is moving in Bangkok, blessing the historic Global Proclamation Congress for Pastoral Trainers. Deep collaboration is happening in the sessions, during the breaks, and even on the transportation between the lodging accommodations. As one participant commented, “God is taking over the development here. I’ve been to a lot of conferences in Asia and around the world and I’ve never seen connection of this kind, at this level, and this deep before.”

Earlier this week, as the buses bringing participants to the Impact Center were delayed by heavy traffic due to the rain, the passengers–once strangers from different countries, now brothers and sisters in the Lord–responded to the interruption by singing hymns and spiritual songs and sharing their testimonies with one another.

Story after story has arisen in the past couple days of divine providence arranging “chance” key connections and strategic collaborations between people who might otherwise have never had an opportunity to meet. This Congress has been the conduit for a greater vision–God’s vision–for what is possible to bring health to pastors, churches, and societies around the world.


A greater vision is only as valuable as the action it inspires. All week, participants have been making connections, discovering unity among diversity, and being strengthened in the faith and ministry by fellow servant-leaders. It has been a working Congress of “prayerful thought” in dependence on the Lord, “thoughtful decisions,” and “decisive action.”

This week, after a time of spirit-filled worship, Dr. Richard named these last 36 hours of the Congress sacred. He reminded participants, “Your presence here is critical.” The mood was solemn, weighted by the gravity of the task and the stretching of faith. With the support of table mates, participants wrote down their personal plans and their commitments for training pastors over the next six months and the next twelve months. They wrote down obstacles they have identified and strategies to overcome them. They wrote down solutions they could provide to help their table mates overcome challenges. They pledged to report their progress to one another on a specific schedule.

“The Word of God is not bound,” Paul said (2 Tim. 2:9). The Church that Jesus is building will prevail, to the detriment of the kingdom of darkness. Pray with us that these men and women of God will prevail as they put His vision and His word into action.

Changing Lives

Unhealthy pastors create unhealthy churches and societies; healthy pastors create healthy churches and societies. At the core of the GProCongress’ mission to accelerate church health and societal health is the training and transformation of pastors.

“The Enemy’s most workable strategy is to weaken the church internally rather than externally,” Dr. William Subash said during the morning exposition time of 2 Timothy. “Spiritual, moral, and doctrinal weaknesses of the members become the breeding ground for the Enemy to create stressful situations in growing local churches.” Pastors must be able to lead doctrinally, inspire morally, and serve humbly. They must go beyond the spoken sermon and become the living sermon.

Edmund Chan exhorted participants on Monday evening, saying, “Truth doesn’t change lives; truth applied changes lives.” He said that too often, “the application is missing because we encourage the congregation or our small groups to apply Scripture on a cognitive level without accountability.” The key to life change is remembering that “mentoring has four simple steps: (1) Discover truth; (2) Apply truth; (3) Reap benefits; (4) Pass it on.” Most pastors and Christians only do half the work. They discover truth and immediately pass it on, skipping the applying of truth and reaping its benefit. Therefore the church is weak and without blessing.

But here at the Global Proclamation Congress for Pastoral Trainers, God is moving. He is implementing His plan through His servant leaders. The Congress is nearing its close, but its global action plan is only just beginning. Tomorrow the GProCongress launches thousands of connected, united, and strengthened pastoral trainers to apply what they have learned here, to go out and preach the Gospel, to equip the saints for every good work, to be examples of godly conduct, and to be about the business of changing lives. To God be the glory.