If you haven’t heard the story of Sasko Bogeski, he was jailed in 2013 for defending his family against an intruder.

The long ordeal for Sasko Bogeski in Belgrade, Serbia continues. Here is the latest from Sasko and his wife Ira.

Today’s court hearing was finished very quickly. The forensic expert, who was supposed to elaborate on his written report today, didn’t come because he had another previously scheduled trial at the same time. Also, the drug dealer, who was suggested by the other family’s representative, didn’t show up either and for the second time now. So, the next hearing is postponed to May 24.

Please keep on praying for Sasko, Ira, and their daughter Abigail. As they have expressed, “It is getting really exhausting and very frustrating. Still, our only hope is in the Lord and we trust that He knows why it has to be like this.

The Bogeski’s have ask that you also keep praying for the judge Natasha and for their lawyer Zoran, as well.

Your prayers mean much. As their recent email concluded…

We are so grateful for all of you and are blessed to be a part of God’s large family. Thank you for being willing to carry our burden with us! We appreciate it more than any word could ever express.

Ronald L. Harris, President MEDIAlliance International

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