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Measuring Training

by M2M

  Fred began his corporate career in personnel with General Shoe Corporation. Personnel became human resources and General Shoe became GENESCO. He participated with the training people for all levels of the large, international corporation. He understood training required respect, expectations, and belief. Fred’s commitment to mentoring grew out of his determination to actively stretch […]

Sasko Bogeski Hearing Postponed

by M2M

If you haven’t heard the story of Sasko Bogeski, he was jailed in 2013 for defending his family against an intruder. The long ordeal for Sasko Bogeski in Belgrade, Serbia continues. Here is the latest from Sasko and his wife Ira. Today’s court hearing was finished very quickly. The forensic expert, who was supposed to […]

Not Just A Title

by M2M

If you would like to join us in praying for Christian higher education, please come together with us in the BWFLI Prayer Network. To sign up for a monthly email sent to you about praying for our Christian schools as part of the BWFLI Prayer Network, click here. The next Prayer Network edition goes out […]