Picture of Ramesh RichardHere’s an critical ministry update from our ministry friends at RREACH.

Dear friends,

The GProCongress is almost upon us–85 days away. RREACH has committed to pay for all hotel, food, venue, and internal transportation costs for every attendee. Yet many desperate to come to the Congress have not even been able to pay the discounted $100 early registration fee, which comprises many months’ wages for them.

RREACH desires to provide additional travel grants to deserving trainers, but must first cover our current commitments. Time is running out and the need is immediate. A group of 14 donors, recognizing the urgency to increase Congress funding these few months before the event, gave over $1.1 million in only a few weeks.

These 14 donors are eager to inspire you to follow their lead–to prioritize this critical window of time by generating another $1.1 million by March 31.


We are about halfway to the March 31 goal, and I implore you to pray earnestly about what you could give–for the health of His Bride worldwide. Do contact me if you have any questions.


Humbly and gratefully,