Your prayers are a blessing. Here is a response from Sasko and Ira Bogeski in Belgrade, Serbia. Continue to pray as God prompts you.

Dear brothers and sisters,

Thank you so much for your prayers concerning the court hearing today.

We wanted to glorify God with you for His answer to our prayers. Today, the atmosphere in the courtroom was completely different than at the last hearing. We felt God’s presence and we could experience that everything was soaked with your prayers.

The judge didn’t have any questions for Sasko today. Sasko had an absolute peace, through it all, and he was very composed.

The drug dealer, who was summoned to take the stand, didn’t show up, so the judge ordered that he must be brought in next time and was fined with 200EUR for not showing up.

The only person who was questioned today was the doctor from the emergency room. Through her statement and following questions from the prosecutor, judge and our lawyer, it was evident that she didn’t include all the important details in her report that night.

We are grateful to God for our lawyer, Zoran, who was very firm, bold and extremely professional today. He was, at one point, insisting that the police report about Sasko’s injuries need to be included in the records.

Next hearing is set for April 12.

unnamed (3)We are very grateful for your intercessory prayers and for God who hears and answers our prayers.

Yours in Christ,
Sasko, Ira and Abigail