Newborn yellow chicken hatching from egg

Very blessed are the words I use to explain what it means to be a part of M2M and to get the opportunity to partner with other outreach ministries in various ways. One such ministry partnership is Harvesters Reaching the Nations. Harvester’s is a Christ-centered organization whose mission is to provide discipleship, education and health care to orphans as well as vulnerable women and children. Dennis and Lillian Klepp felt a calling from the Lord to help homeless children in Southern Sudan, obeyed and founded the ministry.

What started as a calling has led to two orphanages in Yei and Terekeka, a hospital, a school, a scholarship fund for higher education, a vocational center and so much more.  God is using Dennis and Mama Lilly and their many workers and volunteers to change lives for Jesus and to educate children. The Vocational Center is a program that helps develops marketable skills so these children may grow up, have jobs, support themselves and serve their country.

One new project at the center is the Chicken Farm Project. Did you know that an estimated 11 million people who make up South Sudan, around 45%, are malnourished?  The Chicken Farm Project is an operation that will begin with securing 1000 chickens to produce eggs for Harvester’ orphanages, school and hospital. In addition, they will sell eggs in the local market at a price that is more affordable than they are currently paying for imported chickens. This project is not only an immediate nourishment need for South Sudan; it also provides an important tool to for training up South Sudanese farmers.

M2M has the opportunity to be a small part in stopping the hunger and sharing the love of Jesus with the people of Sudan. M2M has assisted HRTN in previous projects.  Currently, a gift of $37 purchases a chick and provides food and vaccines for the life of the chicken that will produce approximately 400 eggs.  M2M has the privilege to pray for Harvesters, join in with them and purchase around 25 chickens to help launch this much-needed ministry.  Sharing Jesus, praying, partnering, supporting, and encouraging other ministries is what I get to do by being a part of M2M.  Thank you, Lord, for M2M and its partnership with outreach ministries that are in the business of changing and saving lives for Jesus.  And, thank you Lord, for the Klepps who are following after you to spiritually, physically, and emotionally impact the people of South Sudan.

M2M Board Member
Ellen Orr