Fred spoke and wrote much about matching organizations and people. The concept of “fit” is important to the effective organization. He believed leaders needed to use the art and science of discernment when making good personnel decisions.

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People Patterns

Strong leaders identify patterns of behavior in their associates, especially those who are close to them. I have found it helpful to employ people in the area of their gifts, and passions. Then you only have to coordinate them, not supervise. I want to know about:

1) Character – This determines how a person uses his or her intelligence.

2) Confidence level – This is critical because it permits someone to attempt a task with a positive attitude and concentration. Loss of concentration is often disastrous.

3) Concept of self – This reflects how a person sees themselves. I am not talking about self-image, but self-worth. This has a lot to do with a person’s willingness to accept responsibility and self-development.

4) Collegial abilities – This assists to maximize team environments. Loners can be stars, but rarely make good team members. It is good to know whether a person is cooperative or competitive and under which conditions and circumstances.

5) Commitment – This is particularly critical because understanding of the organization’s vision and mission make a difference in the progress of the associate and the organization. Matching a person’s skills and passions with the overall vision is one of the key responsibilities of the strong leader.

This discernment is particularly important as measured by the size of the organization. One person out of place in a group of 100 represents 1%. The wrong person in the wrong place in a group of 5 represents 20%. Trying to continue with a misfit is like trying to run a marathon with a pebble in the shoe. Understanding behavior is the key to peak performance.

This week think about: 1) What concerns do I have about fit? 2) How can I tell my associates are being optimized? 3) What can I do to strengthen my people reading skills?

Words of Wisdom: “It is good to know whether a person is cooperative or competitive and under which conditions and circumstances.”

Wisdom from the Word: “God gave Solomon wisdom and very great discernment; the breadth of his understanding was as infinite as the sand on the seashore.” (1 Kings 4:29 NET Bible)