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Legacy Day With Dad Report
Ferguson Prison Unit
November 14, 2015

18 Legacy Day teammates (and Chaplain James Self) gather outside the Ferguson Prison Unit, Midway, Texas, On Saturday, November 14, to celebrate a great day of ministry.

18 families (including 22 kids) attended the event. Reunification of theses families was initiated, admissions of wrongs done and forgiveness sought was accomplished. In addition 9 kids, 7 inmate dads and 7 caregivers invited Christ to come into their lives.

4menTeammates from Prison Fellowship partnered with MH to make it a great day of Kingdom ministry. Than you PF for your financial and volunteer partnership.

“It has been a blessing to be able to be a part of this Mercy Heart Legacy Day program. Activities used were helpful in bringing fathers and children closer together and helped the men learn more about what the role of a husband and father really is.”

ChapliainJames– Chaplain James Self

“Your financial help makes events like this possible.
Thank you for what you contribute to Mercy Heart.”

Next Legacy Day With Dad will be January 30, 2016

Lindsey State Jail, Jacksboro, Texas
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