M2M shares an important update from Martin Timmer with outreach ministry, 3XM.

Prayer for Bangladesh

This week we would like to pray for our partners in Bangladesh. Even though only 1% of the people who live in this country are Christian, our Christian television programs are still broadcasted there. This is a amazing opportunity! We are permitted to produce and broadcast 52 programs every year. Will you join with us as we pray that God will continue to touch the hearts of the viewers and that they will learn to know Him?

We also ask you to pray for our partners in this country. Even though the broadcasts are allowed, Christians still experience much opposition. There is also a lot of political unrest right now. Will you pray together with us for protection and wisdom for Christians in Bangladesh?

Prayer for West-Africa
During the past years we have received more than 500,000 viewer responses from West Africa. The local follow-up workers have talked to many of these people. During these talks they offered help, told people about Jesus and sometimes people confessed their sins, acknowledged God and their lives were saved over the telephone. That is why we continue to pray for the follow-up workers in West Africa, who play such an important role in the lives of other people. Will you please pray with us?

At the same time we ask you to pray for the team from West Africa. Please pray for their safety, for wisdom and strength in the lives of these workers! New television programs are being produced and broadcasted right now. Will you keep this production process and the broadcasting of these programs in your prayers? Praying with us that many will be reached with the message of Gods love

Prayer requests from viewers
Sometimes our partner receive prayer requests from viewers, for example by means of Facebook or SMS. A few of these requests have been listed below, so that you will also be able to pray for these individuals.

Deynath: Will you please pray for a child from our neighborhood: Zaynek. He is seriously ill, is fighting for his life right now. The power of prayer is strong!

Debora: Will you please pray with me for my broken family?

Ruby: We have a very big problem. My husband has had a car accident and therefore cannot work anymore. Now we don’t have money to pay for the rent of our home. We don’t know what to do now! Will you please pray that God will have mercy on us?

In countries where there is poverty and violence, 3XM is reaching people with television programs in which God’s message of love resonates in the culture and language of the inhabitants of that country.

This is 3xM (say ‘three times M’):

  • Stands for More Message in the Media
  • Works in the 10-40 Window where two-thirds of the global population lives and therefore has a huge potential audience
  • Works together with partner organizations in West Africa and Asia
  • In 2014 we started researching the potential use of Social Media
  • We had more than 138,000 responses from viewers In Francophone West Africa last year in 2014
  • In 2015, we will apply an impact study so we can understand effect of our programs
  • This year we will research the possibilities of TV / broadcasting in China