M2M’s (Ministry to Ministries) blog is focused on: Christian outreach ministries, leadership ministries, and sharing updates from ministries we assist, such as 3XM

3XM is reaching people with television programs in which God’s message of love resonates in the culture and language of the inhabitants of that country.

This is 3xM (say ‘three times M’):

  • Stands for More Message in the Media
  • Works in the 10-40 Window where two-thirds of the global population lives and therefore has a huge potential audience
  • Works together with partner organizations in West Africa and Asia
  • In 2014 we started researching the potential use of Social Media
  • We had more than 138,000 responses from viewers In Francophone West Africa last year in 2014
  • In 2015, we will apply an impact study so we can understand effect of our programs
  • This year we will research the possibilities of TV / broadcasting in China

Programs in Central Asia once again being broadcasted on public TV
After recently having had the privilege of distributing  Christian programs on DVD, our partner in Central Asia has informed us that these programs are again being broadcasted on television. We are thankful to hear of the many people being reached with the message by means of these programs! Now that the programs are again being broadcasted, the viewers responses have already started coming in. Encouraging stories we would love to share.

The first testimony is from Orgul. A woman struggling with an alcohol addiction for many years. One day a program caught her attention where a man named Musa was sharing his story. Musa shared with the viewers how he had suffered with an alcohol addiction. He told how God had helped him get free. His life was changed and he was filled with passion to reach out to others struggling with an alcohol addiction. He began a rehab clinic  where he introduced others to God, helping them overcome there addiction!! Musa’s story intrigued Orgul. She wanted to know more about God. Her pursuit was not in vain. She is now following Jesus and together with Him, she has overcome her addiction.

‘God has done amazing things in the lives of these people!
Another testimony is shared by Imkan. Although she never really understood anything of the Christian faith, she realized that the programs where having a positive impact on her. The programs encouraged her. After receiving a few of the programs on dvd she decided to distribute them among those close to her, her friends, neighbors and family. She tells enthusiastically ‘God has done amazing things in the lives of these people!’ Now they know that it is God who can heal, He is our hope and the only path to fulfillment in life. Imkan continues sharing the good news of Gods love with everyone around her.

Will you please pray with us for Central Asia and our partner, 3XM?