Revive IndianaM2M (Ministry to Ministries) blog is focused on leadership ministries, revival, and sharing updates from a few of the ministries we assist.  Many of you have been following and participating in what God is doing through Revive Indiana. The following is from a report of what has happened so far this year:

The first “Prayer Week” of Revive Indiana was scheduled during January 12-18 in Elkhart. The local involvement exploded. The numbers grew from 450 to 3,000 in just one week. Many drove 2-3 hours to participate, and others also came from other states. Gleaning insight from the story of Nehemiah who oversaw the 52-day rebuilding of the Jerusalem walls, Revive Indiana extended to 52 days. By the end of these 52 days, numbers grew to nearly 10,000 in participation.

During the first 52 days, revival in Northern Indiana was consuming individuals, families, church congregations, the community, and even the marketplace. Every morning, noon, and night, people were gathering to pray, fellowship, go OUT to share Jesus, testify, worship, and be refreshed in the Word of God. People returned to their first Love (Revelation 2:4-5), church schedules were scrapped, denominations no longer mattered – the church had “left the building.” People were being healed, the lost were being found, the baptismal trough was never empty, and countless discipleship relationships were formed.

Revival was even breaking out in the schools. The administration from 12 local public schools gave excused absences for students to participate in “hitting the streets” with the Gospel. Owners and managers of factories were calling and emailing TTR [Time to Revive], offering to shut down their lines in order for someone to come share the Gospel with their employees. The Gospel was shared with hundreds of factory employees nearly every day, in addition to the hundreds of teams that went out daily to pray for and love people in the name of Jesus. On day 52, 531 teams made up of 4 people each, carried the Gospel into Elkhart and Lagrange Counties.

Pew-sitters became street ministers as the Holy Spirit ignited (and is still igniting) God’s people with a passion for the lost and hurting. The Amish community was also being stirred up. Amish individuals and families were embracing Jesus amidst their culture, and the Gospel was spreading. Many of the Amish who took part in Revive Indiana were willing to risk being shunned in order to be a part of this move of God in their community. Many Amish listened to the evening services via telephone in their kitchens and closets on what TTR calls the “Amish Hotline.” The Word of God went out, no matter the cost.

Other cities, churches, and leaders in Indiana and across the globe are asking, “What is going on in Indiana?” – wanting to know how Time to Revive can help facilitate revival in their community.

What was supposed to end on January 18 has been growing and spreading to other regions and cities in Indiana. Just as the state flag of Indiana depicts 7 rays emanating from a lit torch, Revive Indiana will continue traveling throughout the state, encouraging and equipping a total of 7 cities and regions that are hungry for revival.

Kokomo was the most recent “Ray of Revival,” where on the sixth and final day of Revive Indiana’s time there, 65 teams (upwards of 260 people) went out to share the Gospel. Perhaps most surprisingly, the Chrysler plant in Kokomo invited Revive Indiana teams to be present during each break-time over a 24-hour time period. Many plant employees came to know Jesus or were encouraged in their walk with Him. Conversations about Jesus are spreading on the plant lines, even after teams have left.

So, where to now? After six days in Bloomington (May 4-9), the next Ray of Revival is coming to South Bend, scheduled for May 24-30. Many locals from Indiana and other states are making their way there, not wanting to miss out on the revival that is sweeping across the Hoosier Heartland. We’ve prayed for it, but now is the time to embrace it and walk it out – revival is here.

Thank you for supporting leadership ministries like Time to Revive.