men praying together outside in prison yard

German author Johann Wolfgang von Goethe alerts,

Hell begins the day God grants you the vision to see all that you could have done, should have done, and would have done, but did not do.

M2M (Ministry to Ministries) would like to challenge you to step out of the boat, like Peter, and take some chances serving the Lord, in ways that seem a little risky, but are very rewarding. Join our friends at Bill Glass, Champions for Life in serving the least.

If you’ve been in a spiritual rut, try a little adventure in sharing your faith with inmates. Don’t worry, they will train you on what to say and all of the do’s and don’ts. If you are a freshman, they will pair you up with those with more experience.

If you live near Texas, an event on May 16th is approaching in Bonham, TX. It’s just 70 miles northeast of Dallas. The registration deadline is April 26th.

Their Mission Statement:

Assist the Church by equipping and igniting Christians to share their faith in Jesus Christ with the “least of these”.

Click here for their Statement of Faith

Who They Are and What They Do

At the urging of his friend Billy Graham, Bill Glass founded what is now Champions for Life in 1969. Over the last 35+ years, God has used Bill and Champions for Life ministries to share Christ in thousands of towns, cities, churches, prisons, jails and youth facilities across the United States and several foreign countries.

Bill Glass BEHIND THE WALLS will train you to share your faith with inmates:

Champions for Life is comprised of the following two ministries:

 Prison Ministry to incarcerated Men, Women and Youth in the United States, Puerto Rico, and Dominican Republic. These ministries are referred to as Weekend of Champions and Day of Champions events.

 Youth Ministry through Public and Private Schools.

Bonham, TX DOC (Men Only)
Event Date(s): May 16, 2015
Registration deadline: April 26, 2015
Event Admin: Staci Woodruff
Phone: (972) 298-1101 ext. 7320