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7 Leadership Ministry Tools for Home

by M2M

M2M (Ministry to Ministries) blog is focused on leadership ministries, revival, and updates from a few of the ministries we assist. We’re happy to share a message from Time to Revive, which includes 7 Leadership Ministry Tools that begin in the home. Leave an IMPRESSION in their hearts! In Deuteronomy, God gives us instruction to love […]

From Hopelessness to Joy

by M2M

Sheila Walsh is a powerful Bible teacher and best-selling author from Scotland with over 4 million books sold. A featured speaker with Women of Faith® conferences, she has reached more than 5 million women by combining honesty, vulnerability, and humor with God’s Word. Her passion to see women’s lives transformed by the power of God’s […]

Leadership Training and Tools Needed for Ministry

by M2M

e3 Partners equips Christians with the leadership training and tools they need to make a lasting ministry impact in the world. Every year, they send thousands of people on hundreds of short-term mission trips that address critical social issues, promote the Gospel, and establish new churches in unreached communities. THEY EQUIP GOD’S PEOPLE TO EVANGELIZE […]

Older but Never Old

by M2M

Fred thought much about aging. One of his best received and best known articles for Leadership Journal carried the title, “Older, but Never Old.” He lived just like that. Some of his thoughts were encapsulated dynamite. This week features many of them. If you receive benefit from Fred’s thoughts, please help us continue to bring […]