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Blue Pajama Pants

This past Monday, we were driving past a gas station on our way to noontime prayer at First Baptist Church and I saw a girl get out of her car.  She was wearing blue pajama pants – and most definitely it was the pants that stood out to me.

Right away I turned the van into the gas station in hopes of talking with the girl.  As we pulled in, she had just got into the car and was getting ready to take off.  Thankfully, I was able to say something thru her open window.  I simply let her know that we were going around praying for people.

While I was talking with the young woman, the lady sitting next to her began to cry.  Turns out it was a mother-daughter combo.  Both such special women.  And at this point in their life, they are both going thru some hard times.

They are having a difficulty paying for their house.
They are in a tough spot and can’t afford their utility bill.
The daughter is looking for a job.

What blows me away is how the Spirit of God directs our steps.  Trust me, I wasn’t planning on going to this gas station and talking with this lady, but God had other plans.  The Spirit made it so clear.  Go talk to the lady in the blue pajama pants.  Romans 8:14 says, “All those led by God’s Spirit are God’s sons.”

All it took was a simple detour to let her know that God can provide for her.  God can direct her steps.  And God loves them both.

I was encouraged, and from the words of both of them – they were too.

Fun fact – they both came to the evening worship service, along with the brother of the family.  They had food and fellowship with us, and then stayed for the service.  Even better – after our time of prayer earlier in the day – she got a call for a job interview because of a resume that she turned in.

God is good and wants to answer our prayers.  All for His glory.

Kyle Lance Martin
Time to Revive

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