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Fred enjoyed letter writing. His mentor, Maxey Jarman, stressed the value of thought clarification which comes as ideas are put on paper. One of his spiritual heroes was the Apostle Paul who, like Fred, wrote letters. Often he wrote to expand on a conversation or try out concepts with trusted friends. This Thought is excerpted from a letter sent to a long-time friend with whom he corresponded regularly. The topic is “the will of God.”

Fred used the “key log” as an illustration of problem solving. His close and respected friend Randon A. Samelson authored a new book titled Breakthrough: Unleashing the Power Of A Proven Plan. His dedication to Fred acknowledges him as a mentor and friend. His description of the key log principle will help all leaders. The book will be available through Amazon.com in two weeks.

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God’s Will – God’s Way

Life is not all mystical even though there is a mystical quality to all life. There is far less mystery in the things that happen to us as members of the human race following the natural living processes from birth to death. A vast majority of the experiences we have are common to the human race.

Likewise, cause and effect are elements natural and predictable. It is immature to ignore the commonality of these principles and attribute them all to some super mystical, mysterious happening.

Having said that, I want you to understand I accept the spiritual qualities of life as being mystical. The confluence of natural events with the supernatural power of God is more than we can fully comprehend. I do not purport to understand. I believe it by faith and spend very little time trying to adopt some intellectual position to defend it. I am not denying the role of apologetics, but I personally hold faith positions in a category not requiring defense.

If I must make a choice, I will hold to that which is held by faith, not intellectual pursuit. It is those faith elements which give the mystical quality of life, uniting it into the whole and eternal, having become born again of God.

Some of my friends question how I can emphasize faith so greatly and still live out the Christian life in the natural world. The Apostle Paul had to answer a similar question about grace in Romans 6. Grace was more than people could accept and felt it would lead to abuse. Paul points out how genuine grace, like faith, rises above.

In knowing God’s will, I do not separate myself from the physical laws. I think living in a make believe world expecting exceptions as the rule and denying the consequences of nature is immature. I believe as I face my life as a member of the human race taking the ups and downs, planning according to the normal cause and effect principles God will bring to this life a quality which is for His glory. It is my assignment to go about doing good, using the gifts He gave for the benefit of others, and His kingdom.

This week think about: 1) How do I rationalize avoiding natural cause and effect? 2) How do I know God’s will? 3) What does faith have to do with my daily decisions?

Words of Wisdom: “Life is not all mystical even though there is a mystical quality to all life.”

Wisdom from the Word: “Instead we speak the wisdom of God, hidden in a mystery, that God determined before the ages for our glory.”  (1 Corinthians 2:7 NET Bible)

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How do you know God’s will for your life? What role does faith have with your daily decisions?

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