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M2M’s blog focuses on ministry partners’ news and stories covering: The Gospel of Jesus Christleadershiprevival, and those serving basic needs. M2M shares an event where you can learn how to reach Muslim women with the message of Jesus Christ.

Ali, a Muslim international student from Saudi Arabia had been in the US for three years when Tess, an American Christian approached her. Tess had just completed a Muslim Outreach Workshop and was on her way to a Mosque tour.  Tess had always been afraid to approach Muslim women, but today Tess approached Ali with a nervous smile, “Would you show me how to put on a hijab?” (A hijab is a veil that Muslim women wear in public.)

Immediately, a friendship was born. Ali confided in Tess that she was the first Christian to befriend her. Since then Ali has been to church with Tess, accepted a Bible as a gift, and has been reading and studying it with Tess.

Only a woman can get behind the veil to share Jesus with a Muslim woman. There are tens of thousands of Muslim women right in our own backyard, from countries all over the world and the vast majority have never been spoken to by a Christian, let alone been befriended. Together we can change that.

 “Beneath the Veil” Workshop

Join us February 21st and discover how to befriend Muslim women in our Metroplex at IHOPE Ministries’ “Beneath the Veil” Muslim Women Outreach. It’s a free event, and you’re sure to have fun and be inspired as you hear from former Muslim women who are now followers of Christ.

Bring a friend. Reserve your spot.

You’ll get equipped to build Gospel-centered relationships that resonate with a Muslim woman’s heart. Then, you’ll have an opportunity to put into practice what you learned during an afternoon field trip adventure. We’ll lunch in small groups at a variety of ethnic restaurants and shop in ethnic markets frequented by Muslim women. Then, we’ll regroup to share stories of our afternoon encounters.

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What:   Beneath the Veil” Free Women’s Muslim Outreach Event

When:  February 21, 2015, 9 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Where: Trinity Fellowship Church, 932 S. Greenville Ave, Richardson, TX 75081


Renod & Karen Bejjani

Renod & Karen Bejjani

IHOPE Ministries



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