Throughout the year, M2M (Ministry to Ministries) engages in ministry leadership, serving basic needs and helping others. M2M shares a vital message from The LifeSavers Foundation, a local ministry partner.

When Dallas County kids can’t go to the doctor, they can go to The Doctor Spot, a mobile pediatric clinic which will offer basic medical services to children who are uninsured, underinsured, Medicaid enrollees or poor.

Many Dallas County children are in a difficult spot.

37.6% live below the federal poverty line;*

31.4% of 2 year olds are not fully immunized;*

35.7% of adolescents are obese or overweight;*

Approximately 10% of children suffer from serious mental disorders;*

31% of physicians and pediatricians do not accept new Medicaid patients making it hard to find a doctor to visit.* They have little choice but to visit a local emergency room, thus adding exorbitant costs to the public healthcare system.

*2013 Beyond ABC, Assessing Children’s Health Date in Dallas County, Children’s Medical Center

The Doctor Spot becomes their neighborhood hot spot, serving basic needs.

This fully equipped mobile clinic will provide:

Free basic medical services;

Free immunizations;

Obesity screenings and nutritional education for parents;

Mental health screenings (a service families may wait up to nine months to receive through the county);

A medical hub in the neighborhoods where these children live, thus driving down ER visits. Up to 90 percent of ER visits by children are preventable, primary-care treatable or non-emergent; this accounted for $200 million in medical costs in 2012.*


Help us be a bright spot for the families of Dallas County.

Lifesavers Foundation has received $160,000 in pledges and donations. During this season of giving, we invite you to make a difference for the children of Dallas County. Help us hit the sweet spot by matching these funds by December 31, 2014. Reaching our goal of $320,000 will enable The Doctor Spot to be on the road in 2015.

Please make your year-end donation today.

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