picture of mother and childM2M (Ministry to Ministries) shares a special message from Harvesters in South Sudan. If you still haven’t decided how you are going to bless others as the year closes, please consider helping others by helping our friends at Harvesters Reaching the Nations.

Thank you in advance for being a blessing to our children and others in South Sudan with your thoughts, prayers and gifts this season.

You can choose from our 6 categories or you can give to our General Fund.
ALL gifts benefit the children, widows and those vulnerable we serve in South Sudan!


  • Discipleship

    Shop items related to providing spiritual development through God’s Word, church and community.

  • Education

    Shop items related to providing education to our orphans through school supplies, lunches and uniforms.

  • Health Care

    Shop items related to providing needed and preventive medicine, medical services and financial support for medical staff.

  • Basic Needs

    Shop items related to providing hygiene supplies, food and bedding.

  • Celebration

    Shop items related to celebratory events that take place on our campuses.

  • Hallelujah Gift

    A definite “Paise the Lord” kind of gift. This item is important for our Primary School in Terekeka, South Sudan.

  • General Fund

    Donate any amount to our General Fund, which goes to support the daily operations of HRTN across both campuses in S. Sudan.

  • Gifts < $75

    This gift selection offers a range of options such as purchasing a set of school supplies to the cost of delivering a baby.

  • Gifts $100 – $280

    This gift selection offers a range of options such as providing a bedding set with mosquito net  to the sponsorship of an orphan.

  • Gifts $2,400-$10,500

    These options offer the following: the sponsorship of a Harvesters’ church pastor or the building of a school classroom.

    We pray you are blessed as you search our catalog and see the faces of the many lives that have and are continuing to be changed because of your generosity.  

    God bless you and your family this Christmas and New Year,

    Pastor Dennis & Mama Lilly Klepp