Tactical Chaplain Services logoM2M’s blog focuses on ministry partners’ news and stories covering: The Gospel of Jesus Christ, The Bible, leadershiprevival, God, and those serving basic needs. M2M takes a glimpse into what it is like to be a Chaplain at Tactical Chaplain Services. It was an 11 PM call for a dying patient at the hospital; pretty common work for me to get out of bed and respond. I arrived to see the family huddled in the hallway, tears streaming down their faces. “Hi, I’m Jeff the hospital chaplain. I’m here to help.” A red-eyed relative looked up and said, “He is not dying yet, he just doesn’t know Jesus Christ and we don’t know what else to say to him”.

During my three years of hospital chaplain training I am only called to the hospital with a ‘STAT’ page when death is imminent. This man was different, he urgently needed Jesus Christ, STAT!

I asked the family if they would give me some time with the patient alone. I introduced myself to the patient as his chaplain and I asked him a question that I was training a long time ago to ask: “Have you made peace with God?”. Billy Graham said that was his favorite question to ask someone to assess their need for Jesus Christ.

So I pulled up a chair and over the next 10 minutes I answered this man’s questions about Jesus Christ. At the end of that time he welcomed Jesus Christ into his life with tears and laughter!

After pulling it together, I looked at him and said: “welcome to the body of Christ brother”. I walked into the hallway and told his family that he was now a brother and that he could begin, at age 78, his new life in Jesus Christ for eternity. They exploded in joy making quite a loud noise for a quiet hospital setting.

You see, his family had done the hard work of evangelism. They had ministered to him and patiently loved him. As the end of his life approached, their prayer wasn’t for his physical healing, but for his spiritual healing. What an example that was to this hospital chaplain!

The people of the city are who I serve (thanks to you through Tactical Chaplin Services Inc.) as the police and fire chaplain. Now that I have completed my clinical chaplain training I serve also as a hospital chaplain. It is an honor to be able to work in the community and meet people who need Christ in the midst of the worst days of their lives.

I am leaving now to represent Orange County Fire at the National Fire Chaplains Conference in Annapolis to learn and be encouraged in my role.

Thank you for all you do to make a difference in individual lives through my work as a chaplain!

Jeff Hetschel

M2M’s blog focuses on: ministry partner news, The Gospel of Jesus Christ, The Bible, leadership, revival, God, and those serving basic needs.