Snow peaked mountainsWe give thanks for our ministry partners who: provide leadership, share the Holy Gospel, and help others through serving basic needs. M2M (Ministry to Ministries) is blessed to share a prayer newsletter from, MEDIAlliance International, who reaches far beyond the borders of the United States. President, Ron Harris, shares a vital update.

When I mention the country of Austria, what comes to mind? The Alps? The Sound of Music? Mozart?

What about abortion, alcoholism, and suicide? Do those situations enter your mind? I must admit, those are not my first thoughts about this beautiful country.

Austrian people gatheredYes, Austria is known for culture, music, art, beautiful architecture and natural scenery. But, as Operation World points out, for the most part Austria is spiritually empty. And that leads to the devaluing of life and the degeneration of the human soul. One study showed that there are twice as many suicides reported than those who lose their lives in auto accidents. For all its beauty and culture, Austria needs hope.

Having just returned from Austria, I am much more aware of the spiritual needs of this country. I am aware that evangelical followers of Jesus Christ account for only .5% of the population. The majority of Austrians would claim Catholicism as their religion, but people have been leaving the Catholic Church in great numbers, dissatisfied with the morality of many of the clergy, and with teaching that makes little difference in their daily lives. (Operation World)

Yet…God has His people.

Radio Allelon logoMEDIAlliance International has the privilege of helping Radio Allelon in Vienna, Austria. This online radio station just marked their one-year anniversary with a wonderful celebration and a renewed vision for the impact of the ministry in Austria. The leadership and volunteers are primarily Romanian, but their hearts are to touch the lives of all 8.5 million living in Austria.

It was a joy to get to know the three men who form the leadership team of Radio Allelon. Marius Rarau, Andrei Vicovan, and Pavel Mocan are all young businessmen who have a passion to spread the Good News to all of Austria through today’s media tools. They have gathered a dedicated group of volunteers who are doing live and taped original programming, helping to establish Radio Allelon as a place for hope…hope found in Jesus Christ.

Marias and Petrina  Andrei and Damaris Pavel and Priscilla
Marias and Petrina                   Andrei and Damaris               Pavel and Priscilla
Edward and Emma

There are several strong evangelical churches and other ministries in Austria, though they are greatly outnumbered with those who have no concern for the Lord. Yet God has never been concerned with the “majority.” He looks for those whose hearts are totally committed to Him, and then does miraculous things through these servants. My prayer is that these who serve through Radio Allelon will become a spark, and that that spark will soon become a flame, passionately sharing God’s Good News across Austria and beyond.

More Ministry Prayer Needs and Opportunities

Ukraine Journalists Conference

Ukraine Journalist ConferenceBaring any major development, I will head to Kiev, Ukraine in a few weeks to speak at the International NovaMedia Forum. Ukraine remains engaged in unrest and turmoil and on the brink of war with neighboring Russia. Even though the story has left the headlines and news stories, the tensions and tragedy continues. The NovaMedia Forum’s theme this year is “Truth Overcomes.” Ourfriend Ruslan Kukharchuk has asked me to speak on the general theme of the Christian message of the media in an era of war.

I am praying and working now to put together a message that will encourage, enlighten, and challenge those at the conference. Please pray for this opportunity. Only about 30% of the attendees will be Christians, so it is a great opportunity to share the hope of Christ. The conference is November 7-9.

Balkans Media Training

As mentioned in previous newsletters, we are honored to assist Moody Broadcasting in the third media training conference in the Balkans. The Global Media Partnership training conference will be held near Timisoara, Romania Global Partners TrainingNovember 17-20. We have many treasured friends we have worked with through these past sixyears who will be at the conference.

I’ll help in some of the management areas and lead a devotional. Our friend Craig Forrest, noted producer and videographer who has done work for all the major networks,  will be teaching in the television track. And the Moody
Broadcasting team will cover many areas of radio, new media, management, and more. Pray for the attendees who will come from 7-8 countries in the region, as well as Israel and Turkey. The door remains open for now for Christian media, but it may not always be that way. Our desire is to train as many as possible to effectively share the Gospel with the lost of this important region of the world.

ELION Media Serbia

Elion Media logoSasko Bogeski and ELION Media continue to serve the Lord in a variety of ways. They are often providing video support for Christian conferences and Christian speakers, to extend the impact and the discipleship offered through these meetings. In addition, the ministry is producing daily devotionals for radio based on the Henry and Richard Blackaby book, “Experiencing God Day by Day.” These programs are currently airing on a Romanian Christian radio station that reaches into Serbia.

The translation and production costs for this effort are $300 US per month. The first months have been covered, but funds are needed to continue this powerful discipleship tool. The area reached by the radio signal has very little evangelical witness for the Serbians. This insight, in their language, can be a great tool to touch lives for Christ. Pray for someone (or a group of someones) to help fund this project. An individual, a small group, a church, or a Sunday school class could take on this project for the remainder of the year. It would be about $3000 to finish this project.

Radio 7Albania/Kosovo

I continue to be amazed when I see what the Christian media ministries we work with do that goes above and beyond broadcasting. There is real care and concern for those in need of spiritual Truth and physical assistance.

Radio 7 in Albania has been engaged in training youth leaders on sexual purity in a campaign called “Willing to Wait.” As one youth leader from the city of Shkorra said, “This is a spiritual battle and we need to prepare our young people to win it.”

Ardit and DoriRadio 7 Kosovo has new leadership. Our friend Ardit Prekaj and his wife Dori have moved from Albania to Pristina, Kosovo, to give direction to this ministry. Because Christians are in such a minority in Kosovo (about 1% of the population) there have many challenges.  Gratefully, God is providing a more secure studio location. And now, Ardit and Dori will be on the scene to guide the programming and develop important relations for the ministry. Part of that will be growing the partnerships with local churches and ministries in Kosovo. Ardit’s 6+ years of experience with Radio 7 Albania has well prepared him for the broadcast needs. Pray for this young couple who have left home and extended family to invest in God’s work in Kosovo.

Haiti Training on the Agenda

Discussions continue with Storly and Kate Michele of Radio 4VEH…the Evangelistic Voice of Haiti…for a radio training conference in Haiti in the summer of 2015. Storly Michel is the station manager of Radio 4VEHThere are several Christian radio stations in this challenging country that shares an island with the Dominican Republic. Along with Radiopicture of Ron Harris and Storly Michel. 4VEH, there is Radio Lumière in Port au Prince. The goal will be to get as many who are currently working in Christian radio on the island to take part.

We are in the early stages of this planning, but your prayers will be appreciated.

Financial Support

We don’t talk a lot about financial support for MEDIAlliance International. Yes, we have needs. Like every other ministry I know about, it takes funds to accomplish the mission. Thankfully, due to faithful partners in the past, we are able to go to those in other countries at no expense to them.

As I write of the current and coming opportunities, I know it will take faithful supporters who understand what a powerful tool God has given us to reach the lost with the Good News of Jesus, His love, His sacrifice, His free gift of salvation. I am praying that the Lord would put on many hearts the desire to support MEDIAlliance on a monthly basis. That is so important to our ministry so we can plan for the future. I will have taken 10 international trips this year, and anticipate something close to that for 2015, if we have the needed support.

Louis Harris CDAs we offered before, I would like to give you a small gift for a donation of any amount to MEDIAlliance International. It is a CD of piano music…almost all hymns…for your quiet time and for your spiritual comfort. There is nothing like a familiar hymn to bring hope and peace in the midst of our busy lives.

This CD, recorded by my brother Louis Harris, will be a blessing. Louis recorded these hymns, plus two of his own compositions, for his 30th anniversary as minister of music at Christ Chapel Bible Church in Fort Worth. Thousands of these have gone across the country and around the world. We have a limited number, and I would like you to have one.

Click HERE to indicate a gift, a pledge, or a commitment to monthly giving. Your gift will have international impact and eternal significance!

Medialliance world graphic

Most of all, continue to pray for these around the world who are taking the Gospel to the uttermost parts of the earth. And pray for us as we train, mentor, encourage, and connect these ministries…to further the promise of life in Christ Jesus.

To the uttermost,

Ronald L. Harris, DD

MEDIAlliance International