cross with the word leadershipM2M (Ministry to Ministries) assists select Christian ministries in accomplishing their goals. M2M helps those who help others with a focus on: The Gospel of Jesus Christ, The Bible, leadership, revival, and serving basic needs.

M2M shares an exciting update from our ministry friend, Foundations of Truth’s founder, Matt Spencer. Foundations of Truth is a turn-key, powerful outreach ministry that enables teachers to share the foundations of the Christian faith with the students they build relationships with every day.

Jesus said, “It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick.”  Throughout his ministry, he sought people where they were and shared his good news with them. Foundations of Truth seek to reach schools, therefore, because that is where lost and hurting students are, and they are most assuredly sick.

Training Up Leaders On Campus

This year has tremendous potential on the campus of Wylie East H.S.  We have a strong group of leaders this year, ready and dedicating themselves to prayer and to following God’s lead for His movement.  We have been meeting and planning for outreach events, community service projects, and small group outreach/discipleship studies.  In addition, we will benefit from the presence of a youth pastor, Josh Satterfield, who wants to take an active role in our campus ministry.  Please pray that God would call students and create a longing in their hearts for His truth and love!

Curriculum Development

The 2nd curriculum is nearly complete, entering into the phase of final editing and preparation to print.  The writing process itself took longer than anticipated, but I did not want to sacrifice quality or rush the process.  It will be in print soon.

Expansion Strategy

We have began working through local churches to create leadership teams of teachers, students, pastors, and/or parent volunteers to strategically target schools.  With a team concept, we can empower the local churches to invest in schools in the communities they serve while providing powerful and efficient ministry on campuses that is 100% legally defensible.

At this time, we have two pastors we are working with to create expansion arms through their networks.  With pastor Josh Satterfield, we are targeting Sachse High School and three other churches/organizations through his network.  Pastor Wade Longcrier of First Baptist Carrollton is assisting in hosting a luncheon where we will present our ministry to area pastors in a recruiting effort.  In addition, I recently had lunch with a pastor in Garland, and I am very optimistic that his church will begin to implement a campus outreach through F.O.T.  I truly sense that God is creating a lot of momentum!  Please pray for His power and for clarity of vision and leadership.

Please pray that I will have the strength and faith to wait on God, follow His leadership, and do nothing according to my own ability.

Please pray for the students across this state and nation, that God would draw students to Him, and that they would hear His voice.  Please pray specifically for the salvation and transformation of their lives!

Thank you for your continued partnership and support.

Blessing in Christ Jesus,

Matt Spencer