Small home in MexicoMinistry to Ministries shares a Camino Global leadership ministry update from John and Sheila Tarwater. One of the greatest attributes of Camino Global is its mission to share the Gospel to reach the lost and train new leaders in The Bible globally. Since its inception, Camino has concentrated its efforts among Spanish-speakers, but the impact of its ministry has been global.


Since our last update, the Tarwater family has been on the move. Near the end of May, we moved our family and ministry from just outside of Guatemala City to the border of Mexico. In the course of the move, we had the opportunity to visit family in Tennessee for a few days, meet a number of those who partner with us in ministry in Dallas, and meet with another ministry partner in Kentucky at the Creation Museum. Below is a picture of the family at the Creation Museum.  To say the least, we have covered thousands of miles this summer! But oh the joy of being able to see some of you again face to face. For those of you that we missed, we look forward to making contact with you soon. If you would be interested in us speaking at your church or for a group, let us know. It will be a lot easier now that we are closer.

Family Picture with Eight kids


Along with the new location, of course, John has assumed some new responsibilities. John’s primary role with Camino Global (our mission-sending agency) has been to train leaders for the Spanish-speaking world. While John has done some traveling in various Spanish-speaking countries, his primary place of service was at SETECA, a seminary in Guatemala City. Now, John is “on loan” to another mission agency called Rio Grande Bible Ministries located in Edinburg, Texas. Perhaps you have heard of this place lately; it is ground zero for many of the young people who are illegally entering the country from Honduras, Guatemala, and Mexico.

John will continue to do some traveling and teaching in Spanish contexts, just as was doing in Guatemala. However, he has also added more administrative duties. John assumed the role vacated by the former CFO and VP at Rio Grande Bible Ministries. This position provides John greater decision-making authority in deciding where strategically to involve us in ministry. Moreover, Rio Grande Ministries provides a number of avenues through which we can impact the Latin world.

For example, within the ministry, Rio Grande Ministries runs a Bible College for Spanish-speakers, where they can complete a four-year degree in Bible and in ministry. During their time at the school, the students must be involved in local and international ministries where they gain real life experience in ministry. For example, this summer, the ministry has been a part of seven new church plants in the Valley. Moreover, we have had students on mission trips (some for the length of the entire summer) in India, Spain, Macedonia, Cuba, Honduras, and others. Most importantly, one of our missionaries traveled to Greece, Jordan, Turkey, and Cyprus to build relationships for sending our students to the Islamic world as well. Missiologists insist that Latinos are the number one group for reaching Muslims, and Sheila and I are in the middle of training and sending them to these areas.

Let me close by listing some other areas where we work in the Valley. Rio Grande Ministries also runs a Christian Radio station—Radio Hope—that reaches most areas in the Valley, as well as northern Mexico with the Gospel message. We are in the process of completing a number of videos that we can make available through various formats, including on the web. This is part of Video Hope. Our ministry also runs a mobile home and trailer park called Bibleville with 500 residents. To be a part of Bibleville, the residents must be 55 or older, sign our doctrinal statement, and agree to be involved in ministry for a set number of hours per week. These ministries take place, of course, in the Valley and across the border in Mexico. In short, we have our hands full with opportunities for impacting the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and we thank you for your partnership in making this happen.