evangelism eventWhat is more important than sharing the Gospel and equipping others to share Jesus? Ministry to Ministries (M2M) shares a powerful call from Time to Revive regarding their awesome work in the Twin Cities.

Are you meant to be apart of the 10,000 laborers sharing the Gospel?

Over the past six months, our team has continually poured into the local church here in the Twin Cities in the area of equipping others to share Jesus. And for us this takes the form of monthly evening trainings on Friday nights hosted at local congregations (Plymouth Covenant Church, Breakthrough Church, Bethel Christian Fellowship, Grace Church, Hillside Church, St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, and Celebration Church).  Then on Saturday mornings we take those who have gone through the evening training sessions out on the streets (open air), house-to-house, or marketplace to share the Gospel.

Each team has been given a map of a proposed location where the teams of 3-4 people can go.  A team also consists of a leader, a driver, an intercessor, and a scribe.  These folks are definitely interchangeable throughout their time of going out to deliver the Good News.

With the help of our two Time to Revive trainers – Loren Burket, who resides in the Plymouth, MN area, and Gary Bohn, who currently lives in Sedona, AZ – local MN believers were given practical, yet sound teachings on how to effectively engage with others based on the Word of God.

But this past Friday night, something special took place that has never happened in 7 years of pouring into 10 cities.  We had over 600 people attend our last training before the week of outreach (July 21-27) takes place.   Praise God!!  From the topic of “Come & See” found in John 1 (February), to “Seed & Soil” found in Luke 8 (March), to “Appointed Laborers” in Luke 10 (April), to “Walking in the Spirit”  as shown in Acts 8 (May), to “On the Alert” as read in Matthew 25…our goal has been to do what Paul wrote about to the Ephesians, when he said the role of an evangelist is to “to equip the saints for the work of ministry” (Eph 4:12).

Momentum is truly building for the upcoming week of outreach (July 21-27) for the reviveTWIN CITIES ministry.  And I truly believe much has to do with believers willing to take the time and learn how to effectively engage others for the sake of the Gospel.

Don’t worry though – if you missed any of the trainings that took place in the Twin Cities for the past six months, we have put together a very simple, online training.  This training includes 5 videos (from 3 minutes to 10 minutes each) that look to equip believers on how to engage others for the Gospel.  Please check them out – https://www.formstack.com/forms/TTR-online_training.

The harvest is plentiful…so thank-you Lord for continuing to raise up the laborers!

All for His glory.
– Kyle Lance Martin

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