As we conclude our 4th of July celebration in America, we have many reasons to give thanks. In addition to the sacrifices of many for our freedoms, we also give thanks for our ministry partners who: provide leadership, share the Holy Gospel, and help others through serving basic needs. M2M (Ministry to Ministries) is blessed to have great ministry friends like, MEDIAlliance International, who reach far beyond the borders of the United States. President, Ron Harris, shares a vital update.

Moldova Noua, Romania. Seven pastors seated around the table with us. “We’ve never been more united since the revolution to overthrow the Communist regime.” Seven Pastors in RomaniaWhat could unite these evangelical pastors from the communities along the Danube River and the Serbian border? A Christian radio station!

Judy and I recently returned from a 10-day trip to Romania and Serbia to be with some of the Christian broadcasters we have known and worked with for several years. Medialliance Ron Harris with friendWe were in this small community to learn more about the Radio Voice of the Gospel (RVE) station that MEDIAlliance helped get on the air just before Easter.Medialliance Ron Harris with group in Romania

This meeting with evangelical pastors was amazing. There was such a spirit of excitement and unity among all of these men. They were seeking ways to reach not only the Romanian listeners, but also other language groups. Across the Danube river is Serbia. In the area is a Czech community. These pastors wanted to be sure the Gospel reached these people in their own languages.

I felt like you were there with us at that table…with those pastors. It is your heart…your prayers, interest, encouragement, and financial support…that allows us to grow evangelical radio and television ministries through MEDIAlliance. All of us, working as a team…a mighty army…accomplishing God’s purpose for the Gospel.

MEDIAlliance is blessed to be friends and partners with many Christian broadcasters in many lands. As the Romanian pastors talked of Czech programming, I immediately contacted our friend Pavel Steiger in Prague, who is with Reach Beyond (formerly HCJB Global). We quickly learned of hundreds of hours of Czech radio programming, and we have connected Pavel with the RVE team to see what might be available and effective in touching the Czech listeners in Romania.

MEDIAlliance has a ministry partner in Serbia, Sasko Bogeski of ELION Media Ministry, who has already secured Serbian programming for the Moldova Noua station, and is working with station manager Cristina Olariu to develop specific daily programs to reach the Serbian listeners.

Another request from these Romanian pastors was for radios to give to people in the area. Our friend Tim Whitehead, head of Galcom International quickly responded to our emails and is ready to supply solar powered radios tuned only to the RVE-Moldova Noua station frequency at very affordable costs. Most of these ministry needs were in progress within just a few hours of our time with the pastors.

It is obvious that God is blessing the dedication of pastors, community leaders, radio ministry leadership, MEDIAlliance partners, and international friends to bring a strong witness for Christ to this region. Thank you for the part you have played, both in giving to MEDIAlliance and in praying for opportunities like this.

As I told the Romanian pastors in that amazing meeting, “Expect great things from God, and work to see them happen.”

Ministry Prayer and Praise


While in Romania Judy and I took the opportunity to visit Alfa Omega Television and our dear friends Tudor and Mirela Petan. It has been our privilege to know these humble servants that God is using in mighty ways to take His message of hope through Christ to their world. This is Alfa Omega’s 20th anniversary in ministry and their 8th year on the air.Tudor and Mirela Petan

Tudor and Mirela have built this ministry from the ground up, and are continuing to build and add to their Alfa Omega Communications Center in Timisoara. God continues to give them a big vision of reaching people throughout the region through today’s technology and creative and meaningful programming.

Pray for Alfa Omega, for the continued growth of their opportunities to impact that region with God’s Good News, and for Tudor, Mirela and the whole ministry team.


You have been such a great encouragement to the Bogeski family, Sasko, Ira, and their daughter Abigail. For over a year Sasko has been under the cloud of a potential murder charge for defending his family and his home. Throughout the year Satan has sought to discourage Sasko and diminish his ministry work. Yet over and over Sasko and Ira have commented how they have felt the prayers of so many around the world, and have been strengthened by God’s hand through those praying and helping.Bogeski family

As of this writing, there is no resolution to the case. It may possibly go to trial, causing much more in the way of expenses for this humble family, not to mention the ordeal of the trial itself. I hope you will join me in praying for this case to be dismissed so that Sasko and his family can continue their ministry work without these heavy burdens.