Young Woman Or Mother Holding Bible TeachingM2M shares an exciting update from our ministry friend, Foundations of Truth’s founder, Matt Spencer. Foundations of Truth is a turn-key, powerful outreach ministry that enables teachers to share the foundations of the Christian faith with the students they build relationships with every day.

Jesus said, “It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick.”  Throughout his ministry, he sought people where they were and shared his good news with them.  Foundations of Truth seek to reach schools, therefore, because that is where lost and hurting students are, and they are most assuredly sick.

Moving Forward

On Campus

First, our school year came to a close, and God blessed the efforts of our students and leadership on campus this year!  To summarize, our year kicked off with an outreach event that saw nearly 80 students indicate professions of faith.  On the heels of that, our leadership followed up to launch into F.O.T .classes.  God provided generously, and we saw 3 groups of students, over 30 consistently, show up and faithfully complete the course.  We received overwhelmingly positive feedback, several more professions of faith, and once again all students expressed a desire to continue meeting and growing heading into next year.  In addition, I led a group of 3 boys through the discipleship curriculum this year, and they showed up eager each week, wanting to learn and growing in Christ from the experience.  We head into next year with a strong leadership team in place and a great deal of momentum to build on.  Praise God for His faithfulness!

In another remarkable example of God’s leadership, He opened the door for me to officially make my exit from coaching.  I will continue to teach in my same capacity, although coaching will no longer constitute a portion of my responsibilities.  That will allow me more time, year round, for ministry.  This is exciting not only for my campus but for expansion as well.  I truly sense that God is preparing to multiply the impact of F.O.T. as you will see by the end of this update.

Curriculum Development

I have plans to complete and publish the discipleship curriculum by the end of July, and God has faithfully provided all necessary means for realizing this goal.  With this in place, it will be time to implement our expansion strategy, outlined in the next section.

Expansion Strategy

God has, at just the right time, blessed me with a vision for expansion of F.O.T.  We already have a partnership with F.C.A., and they are making preparations for how best to incorporate the materials into the schools within their scope of influence.

However, in addition, we will begin working through local churches to create teams of teachers, students, pastors, and/or parent volunteers to strategically target schools.  With a team concept, we can empower the local churches to invest in schools in the communities they serve while providing powerful and efficient ministry on campuses that is 100% legally defensible.  We can target school districts that have favorable policies and a lack of strong, active ministry presence such as F.C.A. or C.R.U.  We look forward to launching this endeavor in August, once the curriculum pieces are complete and utilizing the time gained from no longer coaching.  I truly sense God’s timing and movement, and indeed He has begun to mobilize and provide resources necessary for the effort!

Please pray that I will have the strength and faith to wait on God, follow His leadership, and do nothing according to my own ability.

Please pray for the students across this state and nation, that God would draw students to Him, and that they would hear His voice.  Please pray specifically for the salvation and transformation of their lives!

Thank you for your continued partnership and support.

Blessing in Christ Jesus,

Matt Spencer