Picture of Ron HarrisM2M (Ministry to Ministries) is blessed to have great ministry friends like, MEDIAlliance International.

MEDIAlliance International has seen unusual blessings in the first five months of this year.

The start of a new radio station in Romania. The launch of a new Christian media association in India. The acquiring of Christian television programs for Kosovo and Albania. All were done with the help of MEDIAlliance International.

You are helping MEDIAlliance make a difference by your faithful prayers and financial support.

On March 15 in New Delhi, the Indian Christian Media Association was launched. It is the culmination of three years of development, planning, and prayer.

Indian Christian Media Association banner

A leadership team, headed by the new president of the ICMA, Sanjiv Edwards, is steering the association to unify and strengthen Christian media in this largely Hindu nation. I was privileged to be at the historic launch of this new association, and to speak to the group of around 200 leaders about sowing the seed…the Gospel of Christ…all over India. The Indian Christian Media Association will host a media training conference September 3-5 in Mumbai, India.

Radio Voice of the Gospel Romania logoRadio Voice of the Gospel (RVE) in Romania has added a new radio station, bringing their network of Christian radio outlets to ten stations. MEDIAlliance is pleased to have assisted in funding the Moldova Noua station, the newest addition to RVE’s group. The station is on the border between Romania and Serbia. Lucian Despa is the director of Radio Voice of the Gospel, which is based in Bucharest. Cristina Olariu, directs RVE’s Timisoara outlet, and is also in charge of the newest RVE station.

This new station’s border location opens up opportunities to minister to the potential Serbian listeners as well as the Romanian audience. Sasko Bogeski of ELION Media Ministry in Belgrade, Serbia, is assisting in acquiring music and programming in the Serbian language. These cross-border relationships have been forged in recent years through the Balkan Media Training that we initiated in 2010.

A strategic meeting was held in Turkey in late March with MEDIAlliance, SAT-7 in the Middle East, and Radio 7 Albania and Kosovo. This team of dedicated evangelical broadcasters began the process of providing Christian children’s TV programs for use in Albania and Kosovo. God has opened an amazing opportunity to place these programs on the most popular secular television station in Kosovo. SAT-7, which has a full channel dedicated to children’s programming, is helping to meet this need by supplying select programs from the thousands of hours already produced. The process of translation and dubbing is now underway.

And, of course, on top of all this, MEDIAlliance has just completed the $100,000 Matching Gift Challenge in ten weeks. Financial support from across the US and around the world helped us reach the $100,000 goal, securing an equal amount from a generous donor. As I have told many, I am honored and humbled by the generous people who give to MEDIAlliance International. It is nothing short of amazing to see this special challenge be met in such a wonderful way. My deep-felt thanks to all who have give and who have prayed. This financial support opens the door to many opportunities for MEDIAlliance to help other Christian broadcasters be more effective in sharing Christ and His Good News. We recognized from the start, this challenge was not about dollars, it was about the Gospel, making it more accessible to millions around the world.

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