“A gentlemen and his wife approached me at a banquet in Pennsylvania recently. And he said, ‘I’ve always wanted to meet you…again.’

I said, ‘again?’

He said, ‘Yes, I was a 20 year old security guard at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City the night you stole the Star of India and the J.P. Morgan Gem collection. It was my job to come up to the gate where the locks were and look into the gem room and see if anything was going on. I came up there 3 or 4 times while you were in there.

And I said to him, ‘Caught you sleeping, didn’t I?’

We laughed at that. I told him, I said ‘Well, I’m glad it worked as well as it did, because I was inches away from ‘ya with a loaded pistol.’”

Believe a Man Can Change…

Since his release in 1986, Jack Roland Murphy and wife Kitten have shared the true meaning of freedom with incarcerated men and women in more than 1000 prisons across the globe. His transformation from playboy and famous jewel thief to prisoner to preacher will convince even the greatest skeptics to Believe a Man Can Change.
Sharing the Good News from his unique perspective as an ex-offender and former enemy of God, “Murf the Surf” has turned his personal example as a prodigal who’s come home into a life-line ministry for prisoners around the globe.

Founded in 1987 by Jack and Kitten Murphy, Sonshine Adventures was established as a prison ministry with specific goals:

Train National and International Christian organizations in prison and youth ministries.

Publish Christian books, films, materials for prisoners, youth, and law enforcement.

Film, concerts and Action Events in prisons to be made available for all audiences.

Train and launch American Christian Motorcycle organizations for prison and jail ministry.

The following quote illustrates Jack Murphy’s unique take on sharing the saving grace of Christ.
“A brother in the joint once asked me,

What are you… some kind of religious dude?

I answered, not a chance, pal. I used to represent trouble. But I changed management a while back. Today, I represent an ex-convict who was labeled an outlaw. Religious people called him a radical revolutionary and they put up the money to have him busted. One of his homeboys ratted him out. Just like they arrested all of us, they busted this innocent young man. He was taken to jail where they beat him beyond recognition. They found him guilty of stuff he never did and then he was executed on death row in front of his mother and hundreds of people. Three days later some women went to the cemetery to pay him respect, but His tomb was empty. The ground – even death -couldn’t hold down this man I represent. The whole world even measures time from before or after his life. So you see my brother, I’m no religious dude. I’m just the one who has come here to hook you up with the only man who can plead your case and set you free!”

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